7 Sigs Herford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by JimsBoyAllGrownUp, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. Any one out there serve in 7 Signal Regiment when it was in Herford? What a great place! or not...what did you think?
  2. yeah had some great nites in willies playing shock what a game some good lads there as well
  3. What would know chedder, you were never sober :wink:
  4. Have you done;

    The Toff Pub
    The Munch,
    The Tig
    Go Park (i fyou could blag it passed the bouncer's)

    For those who where brave

    Big Petra ( more points for doing her when she worked in the cook house)
    Little Petra
    and that minging Taxi driver that always hung around the Tig.

    OH the memories.
  5. Yes, managed to get into Go Parc more than a few times. As I was working with the RMP at the time. They also gave me a lift home afterwards, what a bonus!! Cheers lads wherever you are now. :D

    Cafe Creme was a good place too Papamike.
  6. Great memories of Herford, was with 7 Sigs 87-90
  7. I remeber that place. They used to play batgammon in there.

    When the frau used to get a sad on with the bezzering. Id take her there for a pre shag butter up.

    Do you remember LA Chic. It opened about ten and shut at six. Knock on the Big steel door and walk down the stairs.

    Did you ever go to the Balkan grill up near the big Naafi. Just down the road from the tankies. Top platter.

    Or Fatmans in the dip for the best Gyros in the world.
  8. Kropps Casino the place to be seen in the early 80's!
  9. Loved the Toff's and Tig's. Both a good day and night out !
    Dalmation was the name of the food halle up by the tankies, great food in the middle of the night.
    I seem to remember nearly every bouncer in Tig's was 4 Sqn 7 Sigs ! (best Sqn)
  10. That was the Bosna Grill :lol:
  11. When was you in 4 Sqn then? Myself 81-84.
  12. W_T when were you there?

    And were you there as a Pads Brat or serving?
  13. I think I just missed out on Krops.

    Arrived just in time for flying F up 86.

    I remember the bouncers at the Tig. One was Col D. Bloody good bloke.

    4 Sqn the best I doubt it. Your OC became our CO at 16, Enough said about him.

    3 Sqn where great till they slit it up and sent it to the four winds.
  14. PM sent, with more details.
  15. 5 Sqn 83-87, we had a couple of Aussie OC's until they defected to 3 Sqn.

    Some cracking nights in The Bowling Alley (Before it burnt down) and LA's, also had shares in Willies and the Toff Pub along with Geordie T...

    Got into the Go Parc a couple of times.

    Great first posting (from what I can remember of it, spent most of my 3 years there pished!!)