7 Sigs Herford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by scousemech, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. I spent the late 80s early 90s in 7 and it was my favourite posting had some outrageous characters and had the best pi55 ups especially 5 Sqn bar were everyone else on the camp came to drink.Anyone else posted there around the same time?

    I remember some great stories from that time
  2. Early 90s, 1 Sqn, then 231. Remember being taken under the wing of an old school liney. This lead to my stomach contents ending up on Willy's floor.
    My forst weekend in the field Army. A rude awakening after Harrogate and 8 Sigs.
  3. I smacked into someones car on the square in about 84ish in the snow, and fcuked off sharpish back to Osnabruck...
  4. Some good lads in 1 Johxxx Maxxxxx Edxx lonxxxxxx Petx O'conxx cruixxxxank mind you the Regt FOS was a bit strange his name escapes but he was defo suspect.
    Jaffa was the adjt when I was there he was a right pr1ck
  5. 88 to 92 in the mighty 1 Sqn.

    First troop staffy was known behind his back as "Screaming Skull", cos he looked like Skeletor with a stable belt. Top guy really but he had the annoying habit of flicking you in the nuts as he passed by if you werent expecting it. Probably not "PC" nowadays but always funny when it wasn't you!
  6. I was at 1 (BR) Corps (14 Sqn RCT 88-92) and worked with you guys on every ex going. Smashing time, and I didn't envy your workload though, especially the poor lineys. I was at MAN 002 (corps step-up) and left just after someone decided that an entire corps HQ was easily and quickly scrimmed up in the field (if you class 2 days of solid work as quick) and we stopped using factories to hide in.
    Some names I remeber are FOS P**mb, Taff Si***r and that horrible CO of yours who looked like Queenie from Eastenders at the time, and who was that pr**k of an RSM you had in 92 who walked around with his pace stick in a DPM carry case on ex. The guy had only ever been in training regts and organisations and had never done an op in his life right up to WO1. Total wa***r.
    I remember being on Winter Sales in 92 just before I headed off for Belize and we spent 3 days in location at Sennelager scrimming up and making the location light proof, just to have the staff turn up, claim it was to dark and have the corps light troop erect massive arc lights everywhere. You could see it from miles away. A total waste of time.
  7. Speedy, the FofS of which you spoke in your post is extremely well known I suspect to many of the posters on here, a veritable Corps legend, with more than a bit of a loose screw.
  8. The FOS Gxx Pxmb was a boss bloke I remember after a sqn do he tried to shag his missus on barnes bridge but she was having not of it.The RSM was a complete tosspot him an the adjt were the biggest nobheads I have ever come across.The RSM ended up getting commission and working in Bruggen as the RAF liason officer he was still a bell whiff.
  9. Wasnt the staffy John Graxxxxon
  10. Another Top story....

    We had an Adjt's pde and he was a right big fat lad, well on he walked and decided to address the Regt, well the RSM was a right wa**er at the time and he nearly fell over when the Adjt came out and said "I'm bloody well sick of everybody phoning me up and saying you fat cnut and putting the phone down", well que nearly a thousand people cracking out laughing including the RSM.
  11. That must have been jaffa (just another fat fookin Adjt )

    Do you remeber the parade he had with Razzer on horses borrowed from 4 div stables.Cue RRRRRRegiment RRRRRRegiment tan a thousand feet slam in the noise puts the sh1ts up the horses then the razzer holding on for dear life I swear a nearly actually p155ed my kegs laffin
  12. Yes it was. Everytime I see Mr Mackay from the TV series Porridge, I have to smile as it reminds me of him. Last time I heard he was living in NI.

    Edited to add - me and t'other arf saw what was left of 7 not so long back. Leaves blowing through the camp and everywhere deserted. When Mr Ice saw the leaves I thought he was going to have a coronary, que him droning on like Foggy off Last of the Summer Wine, "The hours I spent picking up leaves...." (along with some other choice words!)
  13. I was there. 87 to 90. 1 Sqn 1st then 4 Sqn after some brightspark decided cbt drivers must retrain as lineys. Great times. I did post some pics of the barracks as they are today in the historical section of the gallery. Does anybody remember when the orang u tan (sp) escaped from the Tierparc & was sitting in the tree by Barnes bridge chucking sh1t at everyone who passed. Did Petra ever get her man ????? Good days when you look back........

  14. Petra did get her man Geordie bilxxiff she used to say to him in a thick german accent "Geordie I want to F uck you with your boots on "I remember she used to hang out of the window in wullies bar shouting at the lads on the gate trying to get them in the sh1t with provost
  15. Geordie B !!!!! now theres a name from the past. My room was opposite his right at the top of North camp.Never got any kip cos of his constant farting & the block always smelt of cabbage !!! What provo was that ? The ex 4 Sqn bod with "suspect" sexual prefrences ? I remember him saying he was going to a Rick Astley concert once. Nuff said. Sadly Wullies bar is no more and is now a private house. Shame as I was looking forward to popping in for a pint when I,m round that way next year. I might just tip up & throw up on the new owners drive , & try to kick an imaginary fag machine off the wall just for old times sakes.