7 Sigs Closing

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by smith323, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. I have just been searching around my old units and seen that 7 Sigs has closed. Does anyone know what has happened to South Camp?
    I built the squadron patio when I was there and had a plaque made for me and mounted on the BBQ I built on the patio.

    Good old days!

    How would I try and get hold of the plaque????
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Probably by becoming a refugee of indeterminate ethic origin, perscuted in land that is not your own, and having claimed political asylum in Germany.
    At least, that is what happens to a lot of old camps, there being limited uses for buildings designed to house several hundred bods with minimal fuss and facilities.
  3. If you want the plaque you'd have to contact the QM's Dept who were involved in the closedown.

    The BBQ is probably taking pride of place in the dog turd ridden back garden of LCpl Snook's (clothing storeman) council house in Chesterfield.

    As an aside, 7 Sigs was disbanded because of the huge amount of tax spending on it's food bills. I've never seen as many obese service personnel in one place at the same time, truly shocking.
  4. ^ South Camp is now a housing estate according to google maps.
  5. In fact the OP hs missed a step. I was in the "Independant Republic of North Camp" for a year or so back in 92. In late 92/early 93 the Squadrons all renumbered. Then the Regiment actually moved from Herford to Elmpt - the old RAF Bruggen but, shame on me, I can't remember the exact year. It disbanded in Elmpt earlier this year :(

    So I am afraid the patio, BBQ and plaque are all long, long gone....
  6. Huzzar fur die mighty sieban.


    PS Scaley_Officer, you too are missing a step.

    The renumbering of sqns in 93 (ie 1Sqn, 2 Sqn to 239 et al) happened in 93, but 7 moved to Krefeld first. Then on to Elmpt.

    Can't remember when they moved to Elmpt but I think it was after 2000, 16 also moved down the road from JHQ.

    1994/5 saw 7 move from Herford to Krefeld displacing 16 which moved out of Bradbury to JHQ.

  7. Correctomundo, when I packed after my 22 yrs 7 was still in Krefeld, and that was 1998 - good god ive been out that LONG! Shit.
  8. The death of the mighty 7 began when we moved to Krefeld!
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  9. North and South Camp are now a housing estate but the old NAAFI building and Gym are still standing.
  10. I think the gym is now a gym for civvies. Which makes sense. I am pretty sure the fence is still largely intact around it.

    The official date for the closure of 7 SR was 31st July.

    But as of March they were down to 200 odd bods. Oddly enough I 'Ctrl K'd' 7SR on DII the other day and the last accounts have gone.

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  11. You've dipped out on your plaque...all Regt property that was donated by past members of the Regt was up for grabs if the donor wanted it - that was in The Wire so if you get that fine publication you'll have had the chance to grab it back!

    No point ringing the QM's Dept - it's all gone!
  12. A lot has happenend in the (mumbled number) years since then.
    I have tried to keep up but I have been hovering around this site for a while logging everyone's details and keeping a secret diary before deciding that everyone is clearly mad and I knew I would fit in well and joined.

    Thank God for black and white photos, I have loads. I think I managed to spend more days out of uniform than in it!
  13. 7 sigs have a good group on facepest.
  14. I have a claim to fame if anyone is interested.........
  15. Moved from Herford to Krefeld 94, moved from Krefeld to Elmpt 2001 ish....

    Lt Col (Retd) Drain is selling a lot of the regimental stuff off, click on the link in C_F's post.
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