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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chatbox, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Please can you help out a mate of mine who is posted soon to 7 Sigs but has no account yet due to packing up PC ready to move to Germany. Whats it like, any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. for the next 2 years very busy
  3. please don't keep me in suspense busy in what way? Any tours exercises coming up. Please give me more info i have had many people viewing this thread but not many replies. Maybe this is a rubbish unit and no one has any opinion on it?
  4. nice area ok camp pray he does'nt get 229, as someone once said they are the 16 sigs of the regt.
  5. pm on way
  6. Old mate of mine is RSM. Good bloke, likes his Phys, haircuts and shiny boots - just don't call him Daddy. You'll probably find him in a good mood as he's a big Derby County Fan
  7. Oh the mighty 7 Sigs. Ah I'm sorry I mean 7 Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Signal Regiment, would'nt want to get extra's of the most interesting monotone (sorry ScaleySonic just my opinion) RSM in the Corp or his current humour hoover fuckwit of a CO.

    However mate the areas not bad, loads of good lads in both regiments and soon the hierachy will change in the regiment surely for the better. And maybe 7 Sigs will be the "mighty" again as in the days of Herford.

    I've been waiting a few months to get that of my chest and others would also love to do so. I now await the regulation blah, blah, blah!!
  8. Glesga-Ned,
    Sounds like you need to 'lighten your load'. Care to tell us anything, particularly tyhe CO bit ?
  9. This has to be the worst regiment in the Corps at the moment i could be stuck there for the next three years but i hope bloody not unless he has a car he is screwed as the camp is in the middle of no where and it is crap amenities as well. TO PUT IT BLUNTLY IT IS SHIT!!!!!!!!! :cry:
  10. Golf course, bowling alley, sports facilities up the ying-yang (is the swimming pool up and running?), taxi and bus services to take you to local restaurants, theme parks, shops, clubs etc. into the Netherlands, further afield in Germany, words fücking fail me. The CO, despite perhaps being a bit of an atmos' vacuum, is still a good man; compare with others. Dare I say: buy a fücking car then. If you're still not happy, fück off and die.
  11. Sorry got to disagree with you here... The camp as got some good amenities admittidly not the best but you are only 10 mins via car or lift to JHQ which has probably one of the biggest NAAFI's in BFG. 10 Mins from Roermond with a Macarthur Glen shopping mall and 30 mins from Venlo. Both over the Dutch border and are ideal for shopping and if you can put up with the dutch subtitles the cinema's show their films in English...

    As already been mentioned the camp it self has a fantastic golf course, bowling alley, plenty of sporting oppertunities (football, rugby etc)

    Like everything in BFG the posting is what you make it

  12. Ahhh yes. Good to see that we still have soldiers in the Corps who have a positive, can-do attitude and who show great levels of improvisation and adaptablility :D Or is that only reserved for work these days ? :roll:

    If you think that the camp is crap, please remember that it used to be RAF Brüggen and as such, probably has better amenities than most Army camps. Think I´m bullshitting ? Borrow a mates car and take a drive down to what used to be 3 BAD. They had a REAL reason to whinge back then !

    Failing that, take a good look at the best / worst postings thread. The vast majority agree that it´s what YOU make out of a posting, not the other way round. :)
  13. Gazwatt, I take it from your post that you are probably a NIG straight from sunny Blandford where you get everything and your arrse wiped for you. Bruggen isn't as good as Herford or even close to Krefeld but the facilities are far better there than they ever where at the previous two locations. If you manage to put down your playstation for two minutes and think further afield than Shannons, you might actually enjoy it. Or, if not put in a posting for Hohne then come back and have a whinge.
  14. There is a lot wrong with 7SR all of which can be countered by being having a choice of 2 european countries to pick from. Both of which are good night out.

    If in my time at Elmpt I spent my evenings shuffling from Shannon's on camp (the kind of place they sweep the eyeballs off the floor in the morning) and the Kings in Roermond. Then i would hate it too.

    But the truth work wise you have some of the latest kit the army has to offer to play with on top of all the play time reasons mentioned above.

    Signals Regiments are Bullsh*tty and it doesn't matter which one you go to there will always be an element of that.

    If you think it's that bad do what you can to make it better, that's what i try and do.
  15. Hello thanks for all the input my mate was posted there but got sent straight on easter leave so so far he is loving it as he hasn't actually been at work yet. he tells me that the daddy is having a parade on the first Monday back with bulled boots sounds fun!! At 0700hrs too thats a bit early considering most people apparantly live off camp.