Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Ninja, Jul 24, 2006.

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    YOUR COMPANY PASO's will have information from the OC as of next TUESDAY.
    Phone for info to Company Locations after this time.

    The Call-up paper issue is being addressed.

    P.S I am not the OC Just Passing the Message on,
    But he does read the site nightly
  2. Good stuff Tartan_Ninja

    A subject very dear to me, and a great use of ARRSE.
  3. No Probs Hackle...
    The OC Will Post As Soon As Possible with An Update.
    Watch This Thread!
  4. Good luck guys, know you will all do a good job!
  5. Everyone is off until August. Or is this an Arrse exclusive? :?
  6. Trust me on this - I'm in the loop as they say. Letters were due to go out last week but the idle arrses at Land couldn't be bothered - office was too hot or something. Our own people at Bn have been doing a lot of work to make this happen but they are hitting their heads against a giant pink marshmallow. The 2 officers due to mobilise early (this Monday coming) haven't even got their letters yet!! Oddly enough some of the the augmentees seem to have rec'd their letters. I don't have an answer to that so don't ask.

    Letters should go out today/ tomorrow - that's the latest definitive answer.

    Anyone who recalls indicating that they were A) Dead keen to go B) Will go if told C) Would not go if a gun were put to their gonads has been rated Green, Amber, Red. Basically every Green and Amber name was sent to Land. I know that two of those names were rejected - don't know names yet or reasons - probably they are time barred.

    Essentially if you said you'd be up for it then you'll get a letter. There may be one or two Reds on the list so some people might get a wee shock this week.

    You are due to start at Chilwell on Saturday 19th August through to 30th. Arrangements will be put in place to get you there from Coy locations, methinks it would make sense to bus us down Friday. But then again it's the army and we don't do common sense or logic as a rule.

    The Bn is back from standown on Tuesday so more info through official channels then. I'd recommend showing your face at your TAC then
  7. Surprise, surprise. My letter dropped through the letterbox this afternoon
  8. AAAAARRRGGGHHH! Why do I bother. Land still ain't sent out the bulk letters. Not doing it until tomorrow. But they are sending them first class so that's OK!!! Doesn't inspire me as mine was sent first class last Thursday but I didn't get it until Tuesday. I assume it is first class Pony Express
  9. Shocking. Seemingly we expect these individuals to hand over their civilian jobs, prepare their spouses, children, parents and friends, pack their kit, get their affairs in order, and all without a shred of paperwork. I have been through this process myself, it is not an easy time and it is not a great time for the system to be playing silly buggers.

    "Office too hot"? Ship these jack barstads out to Basra or Helmand.
  10. Office too hot eh? Fecking ******* I swear, they don't know what hot is the horrid little civil service clowns - but you fellas will very soon so prepare. I was on Telic2 and we got in to theatre on July 4th 2003 and christ I've never experienced heat like it so go prepared gents!!

    Good luck from a fellow TA Infanteer
  11. IF anyone up high is watching stop fecking these guys around - and get your priorities right - you want volunteers soldiers to fill your resourse gap then look after them from the start!

    I experienced the same also for OP Telic 2 - we gave you the damn feedback then now start learning from it after all we only told you this 3 years ago!!

    Good lucks guys - God be with you!

  12. Well said Baz - How the fcuk are we at TELIC 9 and still only able to give the bear minimum of notice?

    At TELIC 1 and 2 MOD / LAND / Chillwell could be excused - but three years down the line, this is pizz poor and several people should take responsibility. Fcuking around the TA on mobilisation appears to have become the status quo. There is an interesting debate on the Staff Officers board about "Moral Courage" - so, who at LAND needs to display some, get a grip of the mobilisation procedure and tell those above them that this state of affairs is going to continue to decimate the TA for years to come?
  13. I'll second that, we have lives that we need to sort out before we leave and we can't begin that process without the letters! What difference does it make to your ivory tower if you send it out 41 days or 21 day before deployment. None! Get off your shiney arrses and get a feckin grip!!

  14. And TELIC 4 did the same, hopefully they will have read the POR and done something about it by TELIC 20...

    ... not holding my breath though
  15. on a personal note i am looking forward to your arrival as i am currently on Telic 8 and i think you will be taking over from us at my location.

    we were messed around with paperwork on our mobilisations as well so nothing changes. it was the same on Telic 2 as it is on Telic 8.

    why do they never learn and improve the service they should be offering us