7 Scots - Telic 9 Help in finding somebody from 7 scots

Hello all

I am one of the members from my unit that takes part in a lot of the BAFMA events (British Armed Forces Motoring Association)

ever since we started taking part last year we became good freinds with a couple of Inf lads from scotland, just one crew a mt cpl & a pte no names but pm me & will give them away. think the guys are from the edinburgh region.

we seemed to compete against each other but became good freinds, it seems they may have been mobilised if so was itnerested to find out how they are getting on & stay in touch with them

cheers watto
If they are from Edinburgh they are from 6 Scots! They are being mobilised for Telic 10 as things currently stand....

Hope this helps.
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