7 Scots return from Iraq

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jagythistle, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Good news.
  2. Welcome home :D
  3. is that all they sent only seven? i thought the jocks would be queueing round the block to go and earn some money
  4. Welcome back Guys. :D :D :D

    I wonder if Shrek, lost any weight this time. 8O
  5. He didn't go. May I take this opp to say well done lads! Good Job!
  6. Welcome home lads,glad to see your all safe & well.
  7. and ...they were replaced by?....oh!, some more soliders.....
  8. I think you are thinking of a different Shrek. Shrek from 7 RRS Assault Pioneers definatley went. :wink:

    Tartan, welcome back mate. Hows the dressing gown :D
  9. & is the Gimpy missing you?
  10. Cheers guys...think more press should go to the poor buggers in the battle groups that were in the city rather than the media guff on us!
    (Not that I am saying the Jocks did not do a grand job!)

    All the best Guys...I will miss you all have a good leave you have earned it.

  11. welcome home
    cold beer, and another, and another.......
  12. GOC what are you trying to say here?

    Well done to the Jocks for a job well done and safe home-coming :clap:
  13. Well done Lads...Bloody good show!
  14. Welcome home guys. Tartan i think a welcome home drink could be in order!