7 RTR HongKong in 53

Discussion in 'RAC' started by grimbo, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. Did anyone on here know or serve with a Charles Edward Scott in the 7RTR in H.K. in 1953 . Believe he was in a tank called Ghent .
    Some pics show some men on a tank "Chalky , Kipper , Belbin , Ahsmon",
    also number on one tank is 20ZR48 , another shows a tank called Gibraltar
    He was a good mate of mines farther and sadly died before his son was realy of the age to understand in 1984 and talk about his time in the RTR.
    He has a few photo albums with pics of his dad and little else to go on .
    He served as national service in Hong Kong and was then recalled for the Suez Crisis . One of the pics is of "ammo cases on the tank park Barce 1956"
    Any info appreciated , his son has never served but now has quite a collection of mill vehicles rangeing from a WW2 Jeep to an M10 Achillies that is currently being rebuilt. We currently spend a lot of time surounded by some scary walt types at mill type events looking for 17 pounder case's and the rest of the CES to put into the M10.
  2. It seems the answers no then ,
    Another question - In several of the pictures taken in Barce in 1956 the tanks seem to have something attached to the rear of them , it looks like a large box with one single wheel in the middle at the rear , its on one tank 08 ZR 49 or 48 ( the last number is in a shadow ) . What was it ? What did it do ?
  3. Mate, id wait a bit, one of the RTR bods or Barce Bandit will help, but well give it time
  4. Its a mono-trailer fuel tank, just what you need on the back of a petrol powered tank.


    Can't help you with the HK thing as I was only one!
  5. Hahahaha
  6. I doubt I was even a twinkle in my dads eye :) ,

    Was the trailer / bowser quick release , wouldn't of wanted to be inside the tank if that took a hit when full of petrol .

    Thanks for all the replys so far -
  7. I believe it was and a few got trashed when the driver reversed and forgot he had one fitted! Now back to business the 7th amalgamated with the 4th in April 1959 so you might get more of a response on here:-


    And take a look at this site:-

  8. I'm watching you laddie and it's giving me no pleasure whatsoever.
  9. If as a reservist he got to Libya for the Suez Crisis he would have been part of the 10th Division and attached to either 5th RTR or the 10th Hussars. Initially they were to cross the Libya border to attack Nasser but due to a lack in tank transporters and more importantly Libya saying no to the attack they were just reinforced and stepped up their own security patrols incase things went peak tong and were required as a reserve.
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    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    If I had Mallinson's Light Dragoons to hand, I am sure it would confirm that a staid, rock-solid 15/19H major ("Curly" B) that I once knew (and went further) had been a nig troop leader or such on exercise in Libya when Suez kicked off and he found himself in charge of warming up countless dry-clad Cents ready to be driven into Egypt.
  11. Grimbo, do you have access to any pictures of them in Hong Kong, I think my grandad may have served with him but he never spoke much about it so I'm trying to find some information
  12. Mono trailer,they could be jettisoned when in contact.Pic from early '60's.Mono trailers were only used with Mk.6 Cent.They were withdrawn when rear fuel tank was fitted, to give them same range as Mk.9 and 10 Cents. bob's army 026.jpg
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