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Hi all! I know you get a lot of these but I wonder could share some knowledge about life in the TA etc. I've just graduated from university and start an office job in Reading in August.

I'm determined not to spend the rest of my life behind a desk, so I've also been looking at local TA units to join. 7 Rifles seems to be the obvious choice, as their HQ coy is based locally.

How much choice are you given in what to specialise in if they decide to take you on as a new bod? Joining the TA to work in the admin office isn't really what I'm looking for, but they also have a sigs and assault pioneers platoon.

Having read the forums, common advice seems to be pop in on a training night, but thats not really possible atm due to transport issues. Any insight or advice you could give would be very helpful. Not trying to be a tw@, but am I mad joining the infantry with a good degree and job?
You're not mad. I'm in the Inf and I do it because:
a) I enjoy it
b) It's completely different from anything I could do on a normal weekend
c) I get beer tokens too!

I'm not sure what the officer situation is at Reading. They have a Pioneer Platoon Commander and a Sigs Det commander already.
Are you already commissioned?

If you want some more info, drop me a PM.


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First of all have a little read here:
7 Rifles

As for your worries about ending up in an admin/desk jockey type role just because that is your civvy job, well thankfully the TA gives you a chance to do something different.

Not unlike yourself I have a degree and work in an office-based environment on a daily basis. However on the TA side of things I have served in Recce Platoon, MG Platoon, and Sigs Det( If I have not just given my identity away there to half of 7 Rifles I'll be fecking surprised).

As you already seem aware the best advise you will get is go along on Tuesday, say hello, talk to the guys there and figure out if it is something for you.
HQ coy is shite :)
You will be placed where there are shortages which is currently signal platoon. However we have a large number of recruits in the system so by the time you have completed basic training you should be able to pick and choose.
A lack of bods in Sigs Plt means weekends can be dull. For a full TA experience your best bet is Assault Pioneer Plt. It's up to you and as a volunteer you do have a choice.
Get your arrse down to Brock Barracks and ask to speak to the ginger fullscrew.

He's just come back from Afghanistan and had a VERY lively tour ( and is also one of the recruit instructors. )

You mentioin transport problems; where are you?
Thanks for quick replies. No I'm not commissioned- I was at Birmingham OTC for a year before I graduated and completed what used to be called MTQ1, so I would imagine I will be starting at the very beginning again. I am currently still in Birmingham sans car but will endeavour to pull my finger out and get down to Brock barracks in the next few weeks.


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If you haven't done so already, check out HQ Coy's blurb here:

There's a bit more information on both the Assault Pioneer Platoon and the Signal Platoon, as well as a heads up on the Battalion's Rear Echelon Support troops.

We're a damn good Battalion as any number of poster on here can tell you, with a good (and recent) fighting record. It's a great family to be a part of. Best of luck with whatever you choose!

Edited to add: Just seen Pob02's link to same above. Apologies for repetition.

Pob02 said:
on the TA side of things I have served in Recce Platoon, MG Platoon, and Sigs Det( If I have not just given my identity away there to half of 7 Rifles I'll be fecking surprised).
Give your ID away? Mate, that could read as the CV for half the Bn!


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RP578 said:
Give your ID away? Mate, that could read as the CV for half the Bn!
Ohh sorry, forgot to mention naturally good looking, charming and charismatic (just ruled out anybody from HQ, A or E Coy).
Hey mate

I think you have to decide if you want to be an orificer or a tom!

For my part I was in this unit as a Rifleman and had a good degree (Ancient History and Latin but I didn't shout that from the rooftops) and good office job. One of the things I really liked was the contrast between office work where you sit there scratching your head about grey areas and the TA where you know what to do because there is someone telling you in no uncertain terms at great volume. Monday morning HR training was particulalry good after a hard weekend - you just wanted to pick up all these people wibbling on about inclusiveness and empathy and shout "Just F**king do it!" at them hehe.

So no you're not mad to want to do it, and I can heartily reccomend the Rifles, can't tell you much about the intricacies of Reading's set up though.


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yeoman said:
If you dont mind a drive down the M4 you could give A Sqn RY a look.
Or the rapidly expanding rifle platoon+ component of HQ coy in Swindon.
I have been with 7 Rifles and it's previous battalions at Reading for 30 years, along with lots of my TA friends (all having done 20 years plus) so it must say how good it must be for people to be in it for so long. Even members of my family have joined. There have been opportunities to travel to places all over the world - places that you would not even think of going to! Make the time to come and see what we do. If it turns out not to be for you - you dont have to stay. I know I have made friends for life

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