7 RIFLES to lose a London TAC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. I hear rumours that one of the London Companies of 7 RIFLES could be losing their TAC, possibly to another, non-RIFLES Infantry company from London..

    If this is true and its the unit that I've heard mentioned, lets just say that geography seems to have been ignored.

    The Mayfair Rifles are historically strong, and the West Side Boys dahn the Mile End are enjoying a huge renaissance so its all a bit odd...
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  2. Who did you hear was going to get it? I know there's a new TAC opening up but it's no where near Murder Mile...

    T C
  3. I'd rather not say pro tem.
  4. Well I do know that one Coy is getting a new TAC but they are not taking it over form another unit and it is in West London. Does that tally with what you know?

    We may well be onto two different things here!

    T C
  5. The Cedars TAC has a long history as well. It used to be the HQ for a volunteer Bn the Essex Reg, a wartime depot (still has underground tunnels leading under West Ham park), home to 562 Parachute Squadron Royal Corps of Transport (Volunteers), and its currant occupants of Riflemen.

    The Cedars was occupied by Elizabeth Fry and her family from 1829 to 1844 it , who in 1842 entertained Frederick William IV of Prussia there. The Cedars later became a Territorial Army centre. It had a yellow-brick front with a central pediment and classical porch and was said to have been constructed in the early 19th century from the barn and farm buildings of an earlier house. It was demolished in 1960 and replaced by a modern barracks.
  6. Mile End ?
    About as relevant to your rumour as Fulham House and Clifton Street would've been.
  7. Would you care to add something?
  8. Mile End are now medics (Royal London Hospital a click away shows someone had good planning/recruiting sense) and has been for a decade now. I can see a point if West Ham was to be handed back to Newham Council - the rent is extortionate and cost analysis has already showed that buying land and building a new TAC would be a cheaper long term option.
  9. G Company are still on ocassion referred to as the Mile End mafia, as geographically wrong as it may be; as well as the West Side Boys.
  10. Not trying to be an ARRSE here BB but I can't see what you are you getting at? I know that one of the Coy's from Londons is getting a new Pl location but it's no where near Portway.

    Why can't you just say what you heard? Some one might be able to shed a bit more light on the issue then.

    T C

    Edit to add- Does any one else think that it's a bit strange that the London Regiment share's their recruitment area with another 2 Coy's from a different regiment? 7 Rifles are in Oxford/ Milton Kenes and then west london. I just don't see why SDR left them having almost 70 miles between Coy locations.

    T C
  11. TC,

    you are forgetting that 4 Para. RMR & HAC (quasi infantry types) recruit in London as well as dozens of other units.

    As for having a TAC miles from its HQ - look at 4 Para again.
  12. I see what you are getting at but RMR and 4 Para recruit nationally, where as the Rifles (to me anyway!) appeared to be split in half.

    T C
  13. West Ham/East London has had a link with Riflemen going back to before the Boer War. The Rangers (KRRC) had a drill hall there (not exact same location) as well as in Beckton. G Coy are their direct decendants, so for me it is logical for them to be there no matter where their HQ is.

    Don't forget that Reading wasn't the only option for the HQ of 7 Rifles. Davies St (QVR/4 RGJ) Slade Park Barracks (4th BN Ox & Bucks LI/5 RGJ) were also in contention. The only reason Brock Barracks was chosen, in my opinion, was because the RBGW(LI) needed to get something from the merger.
  14. I wouldn't want to 'get rid' of them, I just thought it was strange that they were taken out of the London's is all. IIRC there's still a fair few of the Borg at HQ Londons anyway.

    T C
  15. Mmmm, rumours, where do I start ? :D

    1. TA infantry Bn's to go to 3 rifle coys.
    2. 8 Rifles to be formed on F & G coys. *
    3. Londons to go single cap badge and form a second Bn.*

    As for the rest of the thread.
    1. The Cedars is owned by the Corporation of London to which the MoD pay a token rent.
    2. The last time I heard the term "Mile End Mafia" was in reference to F coy when they paraded there.
    3. "Westside Boys" was an unimaginative exercise play name coined for G coy that didn't stick anywhere inside E15.

    * Details to follow but in the mean time feel free to join in......
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