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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hairy_Hacker, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. I took my eldest and two of his friends to the the titular TA unit today.

    They seemed keen and eager to talk to them - the net result is they are filling in the paperwork to join. I have no idea if the lads apparent enthusiasm is genuine but it seems so.

    The upshot of which is that 7 Rifles may well have three extra, keen bods on strength within the next year as trained up soldiers. I'm taking a bit of a back seat now. They may well take a look at the TA Yeomanry which was where they first went, they may not. It's up to them. I'd certainly have a look around before deciding but these are teenagers who tend to jump in feet first (didn't we all?).

    I would just like to voice my thanks to the team at Swindon for doing their job, with enthusiasm. Just wish I was on commision!
  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Well in! We're a great battalion with some outstanding people (both Regular and Territorial) in all of our companies. Certainly in my own company (which is miles from yours) the recruit training programme is very slick and well organised.

    Good luck to all the lads, they'll have the pride of being a part of one of the best regiments in the British Army!
  3. More importantly, are the Swindon Town supporters?
  4. Speaking only for my lad, he's a Southampton supporter :twisted:
  5. Assimilation into the borg collective starts as soon as the paperwork is handed out.
  6. After a few months of regular drinking.. er drill nights he's off on his first weekender to Aldershot.

    I was TA Infantry myself 16 years ago and regular Scaley until 8 years ago so I have a couple of questions:

    Will he be used and abused ( in a manly sort of way :D ) like I was or can I 'hrrmph' and say "things were tougher in my day"
    He's being fed there - will he have to pay for it PAYD stylee? (he's scabbed some cash off me just in case - I reckon it's beer tokens).
    He's Rifles yet apparently he's going to be taught heavy drill, is this right?
    He's hopefully going to make it through to two weeks in Catterick, now as a STAB infanteer myself I remember the joy of telegraph poles and Heartbreak Hill. I take it this has been binned now as by 1999 when I did my last CFT and log run it was a pole suspended with ropes instead of an on-the-shoulder jobby.

    Will he be based at Catterick for his two weeks or somewhere else like Strensall?

    Essentially I want to gauge what he's in for so I don't mock him too much :twisted:
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It's fairly robust, but no he won't get smacked around. You'll have to do that yourself when he comes back home. The inf lads are usually seperated into a separate platoon from the Corps folks and generally given a harder time.

    He will be fed in the cookhouse for free. There is a NAAFI affair run in the evenings to purchase goodies.

    Devastatingly, yes. There are feelings of the Red Coats to consider I'm guessing.

    I've done both. Don't know which is in fashion now, but frankly neither experience was pleasant . "Pick Up The Log!" still gives me shivers - really did not like it.


    "The fitter he is, the easier it'll be" - a phrase that's as true as it is old. There really is nothing at RTC and CIC that any determined youngster can't rise to. You'll be surprised at the amount of people that give up after their first night in the field because it was cold and wet. It might sound pathetic to us (well it is pathetic I guess), but to someone who has no concept of being camped out in the cold and wet it can be a real shocker.

    Everyone will tell you that their recruit training was the most enjoyable time in their TA career, so just tell him to hang in there during the shitty moments and all he'll remember them by the end of his training are the laughs he had with his course mates.
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    If you are who i think you are, i dont think your lad will have any problems fitness wise. Did one of the three have to have a rather large haircut?
  9. My lad (intials LR) is the one not getting paid yet as his name(s) are too long for JPA to handle, ref haircuts - could be his mate who resembled a hippy with his hair until he signed on. Fecker gave my daughter nits :x

    My lad got his BFT time down to 13 minutes-odd. The good natured abuse on being slow hasn't stopped coming from me :D

    Have to admit to a twinge of wanting to be there with him - seems like yesterday that I was doing what he is doing now 8).

    Just got a text message - they're getting weapons with iron sights for their SAA. I never saw an iron sight until I joined the Signals so what's all that about?
  10. His fitness compared to his peers is good - but that's more a reflection on todays youth I guess than his personal phys. I do tell him there's no substitute for getting out there on his own time but hey he does more than I do now :)

    He's surprised me all round by joining the TA and sticking at it, he's an admin vortex but he's keen and he'll improve. Can't fault him. I would be very surprised if he didn't go the distance. He watched some of that Ross Kemp in Afghanistan and was kind of surprised at what his role could conceivably be one day. Eye opener methinks but he's still keen.

    I had no doubt he wouldn't get smacked around in this day and age. Confident the Forces has smartened up a bit there. My feelings are kind of ambiguous. It's gratifying in a way to feck up, get a slap and no more is said and that's the end of it but then again getting 'punished' in such a manner when it's not your fault leaves a bitter taste.

    A comparison I would make is schooling. I went through school when the cane was still used so accepted it as I knew no different. If someone tried caning my kids in school nowadays I'd be over there like a shot to administer my own 'attitude adjustment'. I don't think I turned out too bad under the old way of doing things - either school or Army but I do think the Army has gone in the right direction with stamping out old school punishments.

    I seem to remember the command as "get on the log!" which seeing as the log ended up 'on' me was kind of a misnomer.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    He's really going to have to improve on that 13 min run time, but it's easily achievable with practice. Hey you could go out on evening runs with him for motivation and make it a father-son bonding session :D

    Because they are training with the Corps lads, everyone learns on Iron Sights. Their unit will have SUSAT though.

    Whilst no one will lay a hand on him to harm him, punishments can be and often are physical. He will get screamed and have abuse hurled at him at some stage. I've known quite a few female recruits actually take umbrage at all the swearing that goes on. I guess you're so used to it that you forget how often you use the F word.
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Ah i know who ur kiddie is now, the shorter one of the pair? He has impressed with his ability to walk the length of the drill hall on his hands.

    I tihnk shooting with iron sights helps you get the marksmanship principles down better (IMHO), plus as others have said, they are training with corps. We dont use irons except on gpmgs.
    Tell him to keep his focus, pay attention and keep his temper. We are looking to expand the platoon in swindon by quite a bit, and need everyone we can get. No matter how shite he think some of the training (if any), it gets better!

    Re his thoughts on RK in Afghan. The guys we have out there now are the ones who joined whilst i and the others were in Iraq, less than three years ago. By all accounts they are doing well, so we must be doing something right!

    btw i think i have spoken to you but i didnt get your age. You know we recruit up to 43 or so now?
  13. That's the badger :)

    Somedays it's more tempting than others but being realistic I couldn't make the commitment and my knee is shot - my days in green are over.
  14. Heavy Drill in the Rifles - WTF is going on in Wurzle land!?!?
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Weeeelll, they call it drill, but in reality we just do a little tap dance type thing and run off...