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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HappyLarry, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. If I were to start the process of joining 7 Rifles in Feb 2012:

    1) would I be able to get on a Herrick tour?

    2) would I be able to do more than one tour?

    3) what would be the earliest tour I could serve on?

  2. 1) Maybe... just
    2) depends when you finish your training, but if you did get a tour probably only 1 Herrick
    3) H18
  3. thank you. And based on Coxy's answers:

    4) when would pre-deployment for H18 begin?

    5) and am I right in thinking that the mobilsation is a full year?
  4. I beleive we are in training for it now, not particulary for those who may go but all our training is in preparation for it. It will probably stary mid 2012 or early 2013. It can be, usually is depending whether you deploy with a reg bn or a TA composite company.
  5. Which company?
  6. F is the closest to me
  7. Ah! The posh boys in Mayfair.
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  8. Coxy, I didn't know this...

    what is the difference between the two in terms of time mobilised, pre-deployment training etc...?
  9. Oh no, is this really so? hehe
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    1. Yes, as it stands there will be the opportunity.
    2. Depends how long the war lasts and our involvement in it. Given the current prediction of combat operations ending in 2015, I would say it would be unlikely.
    3. Herrick 20 as you will be unlikely to make it through Phase 1, CIC and DIE (Dir. Inf Employment) training (which is kicking in now) in time for mobilisation for Herrick 18 at the back end of next year.

    4. If you mean pre-deployment training (or Mission Specific Training) Infantry battalions deploying on that tour will start next autumn which is when TA augmentees will mobilise to join them. However prior to mobilising they will have had to have completed DIE training at their TA battalion to make sure that they are up to Grade 1 Infantryman standard.
    5. You are mobuilised for a period of 12 months which covers your pre-tour training with your Regular unit, the tour itself and the post tour leave and accumulated annual leave.

    7 Rifles hasn't sent a Formed Coy since 2007 as the demand for men from our Regular battalions has become the priority and supporting them is our mission. This may or may not change in the future, but i don't honestly see them back in Afghanistan at this rate. Other battalions have sent Formed Coys more recently. The mobisation time would be the same though the training might be different as the role of a formed Coy differs from that of a battalion. Am thinking of things like Combined Arms Live Fire Exercises etc., probably wouldn't be jacked up for a TA Formed Coy, but could be wrong.
  11. RP578: thanks!

    So I would have to complete Phase 1, CIC and DIE before Sept/Oct 2012 to make H18 - which you think is unlikely or impossible?
  12. no idea, but my mate left 1RGJ then joined 6RIFLES for HERRICK and got shot within a couple of weeks.

    he spent 12 years as a Regular without incident and got shot within a month of being a STAB.

    he lived, but it is a reality mate, don't just think it's ally to go to the sandpit.

    good luck if you do join and deploy.

    Swift and Bold
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  13. thanks, and I am glad your friend lived. I don't think it is ally, more honourable or important or something like that.

    It may seem like I am all keen or whatever, but things are shaping up with my life that some commitments will end for me at the end of this year which will basically give me an open slate in 2012 with lots of time for training etc... so H18 deployment fits perfectly if it were possible, if that makes sense. H20 would be late 2013 which I don't have a crystal ball on unfortunately.
  14. RP, the OC said to me we were sending a formed company on Herrick 18?
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Very few things in this world are truly impossible, but joining the TA in Feb (a process which takes about a month) to mobilise as a combat Infantryman in Oct/Nov is as pretty close to impossible as will get. Even back when it was possible to mobilise straight after CIC (which hasn't happened for a couple of years now) that would have been stretching it.

    I'll confirm that. The Rifles has lost a few TA lads killed in action over the past few years, but the number of wounded has been far, far greater. HappyLarry take note and careful what you wish for.

    royalgreenjacket you have PM mate.