Discussion in 'Gunners' started by odinsraven, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. New here... :? ..... Im serving in germany at the minute, a Lance Bombadier, sick to feckin death of the land of the Bratty and Warsteiner and bored of being an armour farmer. Been stuck on the FPC for a while, thinking of going 7... I reckon I'm fit enough, I always keep on top of fitness, and without bragging, I usually p*ss all over lads years younger than me on pft's and boot runs, tabs etc. Can anyone say for sure, will I keep my rank, or be bust to Gunner for a while?
  2. No you keep your rank
  3. As Welly said, you'd keep your rank. Although has Germany changed that much that you're sick of it??
  4. Deutschland is OK for a single lad I suppose, things are a bit more complicated for me. Going through a divorce and got a new missus, a British one. Plus I have a nipper with my ex who lives in the UK. Apart from that, love the price of the beer, and the LOA :D
  5. Yes you'll keep your rank - but you won't promote again until you pass P Coy and so on.
  6. I've just been drinking with some 7 RHA blokes, forget that unit, they're awful!

    *said slobberingly (if thats a word)*
  7. Awful? My kind of blokes. Sure I wont get full screw till I pass P coy, I would'nt expect to, I wouldn't expect to get into the regiment until I had. I just hope I don't wait too long for the "jumps" course. When I did my cadre course (I did it with 47 regt, external, with quite a few 21 para bty) some of the lads there had been waiting almost 2 yrs for it after passing P coy. Does anyone know the usual waiting time?
  8. I thought & Para offered a full career course to non P company trained ranks and P company isnt a requirement in 16 AA Bde or has that changed again?

    I saw lots of maroon bereted guys at larkhill on courses
  9. as with anything in that world... what they say and what they do is almost always the complete opposite......
  10. Penguins can and do get promoted

    Mate of mine went there as a Sgt to set a cell up, he was told in no certain terms that his priority was the job and P Coy came a very poor second.

    Although he didn't get promoted there, it was more down to seniority than being a hat, he did however get promoted 2 years later when he moved on
  11. As ever getting in P Coya nd the Jumps course can take 4 months, maybe longer if injury plays a part or you cannot get on the Jumps Course.
    The Regt would have to be barking to not promote people as long as they are up to the job. I heard on the grapevine that the CO has not done P Coy (although has done the Commando course and Jumps), but then I imagine it is hard to free the diary for 4 months when in command - "2ic, Adj and RSM carry on!!!"
  12. AACC is an arduous course entitling you to attend a BPC...the only reason you "might" want to do P Coy moving from 148 or 29 to 7, would be esprit de corps. At BC/CO level, that really isn't an issue...
  13. 7,29 and FOU full of very good people,when I knew them.It's probably the same today.Gunners at their best-and that's from a Sapper!!!
  14. Lots of maroon bereted guys at Larkhill. Half of them phase 2 crows who wear the cherry beret even though they havent attempted P coy.
  15. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Its a recruiting issue, they are officially still part of 16 AA even as recruits. A good system if you get past your first impressions of the theory.