7 RHA walt check

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by ICEC111, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. We've got a bloke in work always giving it the large one about being the top kiddie in 7 RHA during the 1980's. He's a little fat cnut and, frankly, I for one do not fcukin' believe him. His name is A**y T*****r. Any intelligence on whether he's a walt or not gratefully recieved.
  2. FFS What a sad bastard .. who would want to walt about being in the RHA???? Hasn't he read about real soldiers?

  3. Would you like to think about your own career, before coming onto our board and slagging off 7?

    Like you I didn't do AA PCoy. Unlike you I would never consider critiscing someone who had.

    Now do one!
  4. Can confirm he was at 7 RHA in the 80's, and he didnt attend P Coy or BPC, he wasnt a bad bloke and didnt large it up any as I remember.

    Now can you in the name of persec/opsec remove his name.

    Edited to add anagram...
  5. Edited to PSML :)
  6. Sorry but I cannot see a point here?

    Or has he just shagged your Mrs and you are bitter and twisted?
  7. Kettle Pot?, Taff Cnut?
  8. OOOO !!! A bit bloody sensitive aren't we dear, what mob were you then..Pay Corps?
  9. Maybe he is /was Pay Corps, maybe he is sensitive but your out of your depth, racing spoon at Aberfan springs to mind? , Now run along on remedial or laminating your biff chit you scaly backed greasy arrse licking mong... :cyclopsani:

  10. Just how unobservant are you, moron????
  11. Whats wrong with the Pay Corps......without them you wouldn't have got fucking paid!

    It was a good deal more efficient than the AGC is. And before you ask, no Im not ex RAPC!
  12. I can confirm he was in 7RHA and was one of my signallers. Very good at his job too.

    Anyone on here know who you are?
  13. Even if this was meant as tongue in cheek remember where you are tafmad
  14. My late father's regiment was RHA. He was very proud of his service, as am I. Go home and reconsider.

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