7 RHA & Desert Boots

Now we all know that 7 RHA amongst many others (me) is due deployment to hot sandy places.

But can someone please tell me, why they are all wearing deserts boots with their C95.

You cant tell me its to break them in, as it takes about an hour of wearing (with only an hours life left in them after that, but that’s another issue).

The only thing I can think of is to rub the Welsh’s noses in it. Or is it just its a new toy for the regimental brain to play with. ;D
You appear to be a cok! Admin, you failed lard arse, is not a small place in china.  Do you think that it is a good idea to break in a new set of boots properly prior to a bit of an insertion or have you spent the last 20 odd years in the MRS with blisters and a large gut?  - its OK for you, your Saxons appear to be working just fine. :) :)
You obviously haven’t worn issue desert boots, otherwise you would know that the thin canvas & suede (opps ;D) needs nor requires breaking in.

Having worn them solid for the last two years along with the issue bondo boot in similar temperatures that Kuwait has to offer, I think I have a little understanding how the kit works.

As for the fat gut, it takes years of neglect. However I’m fit to do my job, & if you ever need my services I’m sure you would be more than thankful that I was around.
At least they are getting the chance to wear them before they deploy.  Some of us will have to walk around in are nice shiony black ones unless we buy are own.


Of course we're wearing them to break them in. Is your father daft as well? Pleased to hear that you're deploying out there too - someone has to deliver our mail!!
Desert boots are all well and good if you beilieve Madass hasn't got any WMD.  Else you'd be a fool to wear them in a potential NBC environment.  That is of course unles you are a rubber fettishist who enjoys wearing overboots.

Try some thickened agent on your suede and canvas.  See how it seeps through making you the world's best break-dancer, right up to the point you soil your pants and die.

Issue boots may be slightly warmer, but at least you don't have to wear overboots all of the time if your commander is prepared for a little risk taking.

Notwithstanding that Saddam says he hasn't got any so we're probably all safe.

That aside, we have just been assured that desert issue kit is going to front-line first.  Clearly that's complete bollocks if 7 (Para) Regt RA have it.
We are front line you dip sh!t. And it's RHA!

Hmm, clearly deluded to own self-import.

Nice bite and eloquent comeback Bundle, no doubt you are more Reg than Reg.

Or just a typical hanger on?  No doubt you are one of the special people who think the term 'hat' is impressive.  Get real.  Have had the 'priviledge?' of DS'ing your Reg on NI trg.  To be perfectly honest, if I said unprofessional and uncapable I would be understating somewhat.  For a start, with your berets at ridiculaous angles, you clearly had no idea of role as Inf (which is what you were attempting to be, and which no doubt you bang on about 'can do your job, you cannot do ours').  Stick to remaining behind the F-echelon (which is where your Corp, sorry Regiment resides) supporting the blokes who do the fighting.  Or when you joined were you confused by the term Combat Support Arm?  That is to support the F-ech to succeed in its mission.  My A2 is further forward than most of you.

As for front line, it's all pretty relative.  Don't make me, or 1, 2 and 3 (Real) Para laugh gunner bloke.


A childish reposte Dogmonkey, but that is obviously the level on this discussion so I will add my own childish bit to get us started - your own description clearly should read:

Head of Hat, Body of fat fcuk.

Just remember, you have to be in it to win it.  NI the only place you been to?

As well as being Army Rugby champions for ever (less for a small glitch one year in the mid 90s) we have been to recently:

Bosnia, twice
NI (give you boys a break)
Sierra Leone,
Afghanistan - And yes many of the blokes have done them all.

We are all now deploying to the Desert.

Please don't get think that because you know one end of a bayonet from another it makes you aloof from the Gunners.  You probably joined the Infantry because no one else would take you at Sandhurst or in your case you scored only enough at the careers office for the Pioneer Corps of the Infantry...

Enough said on that one.

Back to the original thread, Desert boots do need more than 60 mins to break them in Poxy Dr, especially if you want to tab anywhere in them.  Its really not a big issue unless you make it one.  Please just ensure we all get our anthrax jabs on time.................

I will lock this if it gets any further off-topic. Keep to the issue please people and leave the flaming for the NAAFI.


so what wrong with them being switched on and breaking their boots in better for them to find out whats wrong with them here in the uk and rectifiying any problems with them than out there where it becomes a problem for getting replacements. its not the blokes faults if your grown ups cant solve little problems before they become major ones.


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Quick question for any 7th (Parachute) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery types.  Do you air drop or TALO your horses?


Jealousy gets us nowhere, especially when your unit's allocations of dessie boots turn up.  It's okay if you're a dwarf or a bird because they are all sizes 5 or 6 - nice.
Dr Pox, i think that you should lay off the gas cos it is clouding your judgement.  I agree with the padre, god - 1 : medical profession - 0.
By any chance are inferring that I may be winding the Air Bourn Gentlemen up.

Me!!! ;)

You must be thinking of someone else  ;D.

Yellow dog, I don’t do the Anthrax thing, however I do look see a large number of the local lads & lasses. As a hint, the job is my name.


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what on earth is going on??????

Has Aldershot been moved?
I know the weather is mild but


Saw a group of 7 RHA's potential desert warriors down town in full desert kit. Guys you aren't the only ones going. I haven't seen anyone from 9sqn or the other units going  in their dessies yet. so whats the S.P?

and before you start no we haven't got them yet allegedelly we'll get them in theatre (believe it when i see it). and no i'm not jealous.
Its like this, it takes a great deal of time & effort to break desy combats in ;D.

They can chaff across the thighs, & the guys think it sets their cherry berets of a treat ;).

See you all soon in the sun & sand :-*.


Gentlemen of 7 RHA, I believe one of your lads has got lost. Aldershot grape vine has it that a young Gunner got his orders to move ran over to the medical centre to get out of it & didn’t get his way, so took of to who knows where.

True or False.

Apologies for being of thread, but didnt think it was worth starting one for 1 young lads miss fortune. Just wanted to check to see if my info was correct.


I could never understand as to WHY anybody would want to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft ?? ??? ??? I suppose it is to show that they have new desert boots.