7 RHA Colchester - Question re training areas

Can anyone recommend a decent nasty bastard hill for bergan work/reps in the Colchester area? I'm not sure what reception I'd get if I pitched up at the gates of Kirkee and asked advice..?
The Colchester area isn't blessed with big hills.

The river valley near hadleigh has a few small ones and there is plenty of scope for runnign throiugh sticky mud if that turns you on. Try Mersea Island. Not much of a hill, but I recall the embankment around the island might provide some opportunities to run up and down -up and down twice in 100m?

You might need to contact the local cross country officer or even the orienteering chaps to find unpleasant surprises in a small area.
Colchester compared with Aldershot is a poor second cousin I'm afraid - I got so desperate at one point that I spent evenings doing reps on the hill in the town centre that the Army Careers Office is on! Train down to Brecon has to be the only way!!

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