7 RHA-5th Airborne Brigade Land Rover.


I am thinking of buying a Land Rover 90 which was with the 7th RHA-5th Airbourne Brigade from 1991 to 2001,it is not a standard 90 as it has been converted to be stackable on a Medium Stressed Pallet for air dropping from a Hercules,this involved making the sides of the rear body removable and apprantly the conversion was only carried out on 25 90's all of which went to units of the 5th.

I would like to find out more about where the vehicle might have been used and what radio equipment it carried,just in case anyone remembers it the reg was 61KJ62.



Perhaps post this in the Gunner section - maybe none of them read Military History.....

I was in 7 Para RHA c.86-92; I don't recall any custom vehicles, so maybe this came in after my time. We were still dropping standard airweights, LWB FFRs & 1 tonnes. Many of our vehicles were already banana-shaped from too many hard landings - normal fleet looked like a "cast" yard - so perhaps the Regiment was later re-equipped.

We did trial a couple of odd rovers, including a six-wheel varient being tested as a gun tractor and Javelin det vehicle.


Thanks for your reply. It could be that as this 90 was built in 91 it didn't enter service untill later when the conversion was carried out(by Ricardo Engineering who produce the WMIK).

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