7 Regt RLC Arm Patch

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Nov 26, 2004.

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  1.        WANTED
         Not to scale

    I know what one looks like, but I have never seen a real one!

    Has anybody got a 7 Regt Patch which they are willing to donate or sell to me?

    PM me if you have.
  2. They look similar to the ones worn on brassards during the Grapple tour in the early 90's. Best bet would be to find someone who went on those tours who may have one still on an old jacket in the cellar.

    Best I can do 4 u mate.
  3. Thats the one. Been trying for over a year now with no joy.

    Hoping for one such person to read this....
  4. might be able to get one for you mate my brother was with 7 regt i will ask.... if not i am not far from 7 regt...
  5. If you can that would be great..

    With the order for many RLC Regiments & Squadrons to remove unit flashes in favour of 101 & 102 Log Bde Patches, and now the introduction of the TRF many of the RLC patches are becoming hard to find.

    Visit my Logistic insignia site below, and let me know if I am missing any?
  6. You might sell them for profit on ebay,you've got previous for that sort of thing 8)
  7. Visit my RLC insignia pages where I list all known RLC Patches. I sometimes sell the more common duplicate patches on e-bay. As a military reseacher I can also trade some patches among fellow collectors. However the 7 Regt Patch is hard to find, it would very much be for my own collection.

    As a matter of interest I donate any profit from donated surplus patches to the ABF, and please do not insult me by asking me to prove it.

    P.S. I only wish this one would come up for sale somewhere!
  8. I remember it well, and despite being a 7 Regt and 7 Tk Tptr Regt veteran, I was never there at the time it was worn, but I was in Boz when they wore it. I remember everyone out there went badgetastic and 7 Regt could fill a brassard full! Then someone put an end to it..........

    You best bet is to find someone in 16 Tk Tptr Sqn, a SNCO probably by now. They tend to stay in the same Sqn - the other non specialist 7 Regt sqns ( 9 & 17 & 617HQ )rotate peeps thru who rarley come back, so your chances are slimmer.

  9. Thank you Pete for your constructive suggestions. I did contact 7 Regt & 16 TT Sqn as well as 3 TT Sqn at Catterick (Where I obtained the 3 TT Patch) some of whom are ex 16 TT, with no luck. I have now been shown a 7 Regt Patch as worn in Bosnia but the S/Sgt AT who has it will not let go of it.

    I have now also been told of a 16 TT Sqn DPM Rank Tab with a small Embroidered Tank Transporter Trade Badge at the bottom. (Due to the fact the trade badge cannot be worn in C95) This I have yet to see, never mind photo or obtain! One more fore the wants list!
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I think you can buy those Tk Tptr slides from John Bulls in Catterick.

    Could be wrong though.
  11. Not yesterday when I was in! Seems to be a 16 TT thing, not 3TT
    unless the guys been posted in? May be wrong! If you see one let me know...
  12. The Tk Tptr rank slides are only available through 3 Tk Tptr Sqn. A batch was made to allow qualified tradesmen to be identifiable from non tradesman - just like any other trade badge.

    They are available blank ( Ptes) through to WO2 - there were even some made up for the OC - who was qualified, and for some of the LE officers serving elsewhere (who were once also qualified drivers).

    There was even a Lt Col's set made which were presented to a comissioned tradesman with a loud Welsh voice...........
  13. They do wear the badge on 95, and on any other kit we can sew it onto. As regard to the 7 Regt badge I was an ex Regt member (both RCT and RLC) and never saw it apart from on Bosnia brassards).

    Try the links below to see the trade badge being worn.


  14. Do you know if the 3 TT Sqn wore thier Large Patch in Bosnia as well?

    I have seen the Tank Transporter Trade Badge being worn in the past, but the DPM Rank Slide is new to me! Do they sell them in the PRI do you know?
  15. Served with 3 twice and alongside anothertime in Boz. "Tank In Hand" was not worn in Bozmania.

    Mike - I do know the stick bloke at 16 but they are all a little hard to get hold of for 5 more months..............

    3 sell the DPM rankslides with the tradebadges.