7 Parachute Regiment RHA?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Peanut123, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. I was looking at possible jobs in the artillery and come across 7 parachute regiment, I have always been interested in both artillery and Para's. I am currently 15 and looking to go into harrogate in September, I have passed selection with a high B and have the fitness requirements for Para's but I was wondering whether I could apply for 7 parachute regiment as of now and join or would I need to do say a couple of years as a light Gunner or say AS90? Thanks.

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    7 RHA are not paratroopers they are an airborne artillery unit equipped with the light gun. If you were posted there and passed p coy and completed your para course you would be a parachutist.

    You need to chose mate paras - infantry or artillary RHA or RA.
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  3. Yeah I was Initially going to be para's but my recruiter said the next intake for harrogate is march, so I looked at RA and seen 7 para thing. So if I rang my recruiter up and said I'm looking to do 7 Para RHA would I do P coy after phase 2 at larkhill or?
  4. Try para's*
  5. I'd go Para to be honest, the artillery can be somewhat... how shall I put this... gay?
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  6. So do you recommend I wait for march and hope for a place in the para's?
    I know i'm thinking ahead but say i get in 7 para RHA after a while could I opt to go full para? as in infantry? my mate's dad who was a recruiter said it will be easier to transfer because they are two different corps (RA & Infantry)
  7. If you want to be at the sharp end there is only one choice here.
  8. Take it that's wait intill march for para's? Haha
  9. Tell them that......

    Parachutist is sports terminology

    7 RHA is the abbreviated unit title, their proper title is 7 Parachute Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery.
  10. Remember that if you choose 7RHA, you could later on try for 29 Commando or 148 Forward Observation Battery, and get your commando dagger and your wings.
  11. Yeah that was what I am
    Hoping to do if I get really fit, so would you recommend I do light gun for a few years then apply for 7 para RHA or go straight for 7 para RHA? It's something I really want to do
  12. Go straight for it. If your fit enough, don't wait about.
  13. A bayonet sharpner??
  14. I'm currently 15 now and in selection I passed for para's infantry but there was no places, I got 40kg on power bags, 150 on jerry cans and 8:50 in mile and a half, would that be enough enough? (obviously not enough cause I'd still need to train but does it give me a good chance?)