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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by cannon fodder, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Anyone from 7 Para here?
    Be interested in hearin about trainin etc... cheers
  2. When you looking at coming?
    The training has now just changed X TP has started again for non PARA trained pax. it's a 13 week steady process to build up fitness & soldiering skills. NO ROOM FOR FEMALES.

    Anything else you want to know just ask.
  3. First thing - it's 7 (Para) RHA - the terms 'Paras' is reserved for the Parachute Regiment.

    It's good to see that 7 have woken up to basic standards of soldier training management at last. I suspect they will find the re-invented X Tp will go a long way to bolstering the standards they need, and may actually result in a higher ratio of Phase 2 - TS arrivals.

    They still have a long way to go before they come close to the 29 Cdo ethos however.

    IMHO :D

    Good luck anyway CF!
  4. 7 PARA RHA, like it or lump it thats the name, Just like all soldiers are reffered to as "Squaddies" Para trained persons are reffered to by those not in the know as "Paras".

    As for re inventing X troop its called changing with the times and looking at statistics and what the raw material is, so is it fair to say that the standard of Ph 2 soldiers is now lower? ( could blame ATRA?) or is the standards of society lower? But there is a shortfall

    Whatever they are restructering there training and if it works or dosnt no doubt sure there will be future changes.

    As for 29 Cdo and there "ETHOS" well they have had a Doris slip through the AACC, but I havnt done there course so I cant comment, suppose someone of your calibre Calypso with all those shiny medals has done the "Grand Slam " when it comes to selection courses?

    Cannon Fodder 7ths a cracking unit and have the work hard play hard motto, You also get to travel.
  5. Did I comment on any aspect of any course? No. I merely raised the thorny issue of pulling people through the training system. You mention ATRA - and I suspect we'd agree! :D

    The difference in the way that 7 and 29 treat their recruits has been repeatedly remarked upon at the highest level in DRA and ATRA.

    To reiterate: it's good to see that things are changing for the better.

    I agree! :wink:
  6. Anyone from 7 Para here?

    Be interested in hearin about trainin etc... cheers

    Nuff said!
  7. I saw the name '7 Para' and thought 'Who the fcuk are they - some TA mob?' and then realised that it must be one of those wannabes from 7 (Not para) RHA.

    I suggest to cannon foddere that if he wants to be a real PARA he joins the experts - not a bunch of dropshorts like HARRY. Good name by the way.

    (Moderators Insert: Obviously DZ is a deadbeat and has a problem with the Royal Regiment as a whole. DZ you must be a crow as obviously you have not worked with us and know what we can bring to the party. Choose your reply carefully as i am not known for my tolerance)
  8. Well I am goin to the engineers now, so i have 9 Para to opt for.
  9. CF - sorry to hear that!

    DZ - what's your problem??
  10. Sorry to hear that

    now f**k off over to the left of me with all the wannabes :wink:
  11. C - DZ's obviously a bit chippy about something. Wrong time of month love?

    C's also spot on with the correct title. I was in it when it got its 'Para' into the title (in 1989 or so) - with immediate effect on para pay, which we used to have to share out between us all 3 times a year. From that date all 'in date' lads got para pay full time. :)

    Heard Pre-Para is to be run at Oakhampton Camp too. Now who else runs their prep course there? :wink:
  12. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    No one as far as i know..... Okehampton Camp on the other hand....... :D
  13. Drop Zone you obviously found that Airborne Gunners sticker on the back of your Mums headboard!!

    not a bunch of dropshorts like HARRY. Good name by the way.

    Harry by name harry by nature my son but Ive spent longer under a GQ than youve spent in the NAAFI Q fact, so not always true about names!

    As for Para Reg just remember that we all rely on each other even down to your sorts that do erm sorry not sure....................

    Well Im sure you do somthing very important well at least you think so?
  14. When I was young the Regiment was known as 7 Parachute Light Regiment,RHA.Seems a good title to aim at(excuse Gunner pun)
  15. no problem. when the 'real!?' paras next go to war, if they like, 7 can stay behind. i'm sure their mortars will be just as effective as a Bty firing 10rds FFE....