7 Para Royal [i]Hottie[/i] Artillery

Not like that, calm yourselves.

Your wives, fellas, your wives - centre spread, this month's Gunner mag, you've got some absolute babes. Why? Why so unfair?

As well as one hooner. Is she your wife, DB?

Excuse me, I feel I ought to go and read the article again for, er, PXR points. Or something. Ouuurgh.....


Book Reviewer
PLEASE post a link, then! Don't leave us non-gunners (a.k.a. Targets) in suspense. I take it all Arty girls will be stone deaf, therefore will reply to any request with a nod of the head :)
Er, you're kidding, right?

Top left and centre front are alright, but I wouldn't touch the rest of them with yours...

Or have I just set the bar too high?
I will try to find one for you "non arty" types as i have returned from exercise. It would be easier if you could grab a gunner mag off your nearest foo :wink:

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