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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by rwm360, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. thanks for answers.
  2. The green backing only applies to Para Regt recruits who have passed off the square but have not yet completed P Coy selection. Your son is a recruit, not yet posted to an airborne unit and therefore shouldn't be wearing the maroon machine at this point. Once he is taken on strength at 7 the situation will change.

    The 7 Para guy was merely looking after the integrity of the beret as it needs to be earned. Tell your son not to worry... and not to let anyone touch him when he gets to 7 Para.
  3. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    What phase of training is he in? He would only get Maroon beret if he was serving in the brigade at the time and not until then.
  4. X59

    X59 LE

    Fuckin too right that maroon machine needs to be earned !

    You have to turn up for it !
  5. You confuse being issued a maroon beret with actually earning it.
  6. The only thing about 7 is they are so aesthetically challenged... it is rumoured that even 3 Para Mortar Platoon wouldn't date them! If your boy looks even semi Human he may want to consider 21 Para Bty as they are prettier.
  7. I know the maroon beret has to be earned, He not annoyed about the beret being taken off him, it was more a case of not getting the chance to earn it that annoys him. he thought the green backing denoted he hadden earned it. hes knows what he has to do.
  8. Ah, because there are 2 different shades of maroon? The "issued" shade, and the "earned" shade, so the wider, craphat, armed forces can understand the difference.
  9. The interview with his Troop OC about swapping between RA and Inf will be interesting.......
  10. Especially Mick Guards!
  11. Yes, the earned one sometimes has a hint of pale blue reflected off it as the morning sunlight shines on the blue badge of courage, infusing all around with an airborne glow.
  12. Recruits at Larkhill going to 7RHA wear their beret, as do 4/73 Bty recruits, but not 29 Cdo recruits. Unlike the others the Cdo beret is presented as part of the qualification, for Paras it is subtley different and will require P Coy and Jumps to gain Para status, but as all personnel in 16AA Bde wear the beret it is incorrect to state that it is "earned". This may seem odd given the pride held in the "maroon" beret by the Airborne fraternity, and its obvious tradition at the heart of the Parachute Regt but that is the way things have evolved. So in sum, the Bdr from 7 RHA is out of kilter with Regt policy (ie wrong) and your son should seek guidance from the DS. 7RHA needs all the recruits it can get at the moment so it would be a shame to lose him due to an overzealous full screw.
  13. Times haven't evolved, the beret was never earn't as such. Glider pilots were one of the first units to wear it, and they didn't do jumps! PARA's didn't have 'P Company' then, they had volunteers from all walks for the extra cash per month (nothing changes, money the driving factor!).

    First Para: Maj John Rock RE (Glider pilot)
    First AB Comd: Lt Gen 'Boy' Browning Gren Guards (Glider pilot)

    Both were not PARA Regt, but pioneers of the AB Forces!
  14. cheers Mate, thats what he was told, he has his heart set on 7 and knows what he has to do to earn para status.
  15. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Not strictly true, maroon beret was first worn in 1942 by parachute regiment soldiers fighting in north Africa.