7 para rha

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by metrickitty, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. not to be a fuss but i'm a bit confused as to if 7 para rha do the 1.5 mile run in 9:30 or less, or do they do the usual 12min or so?
  2. They do it as fast as they can! :roll:
  3. hah, looks like i'm gonna have to train extra hard and go for low 9 min's just to be safe
  4. Who the Feck has 12 minutes?
  5. 12 minute PFT - only if you're 40+ or a female!
  6. You'll need it at under 9.30 to get out of phase 2 mate (or at least you did when I was there)
  7. Crazyeyes,

    going off the Gnr's we are getting from phase 2 you don't even need to do PT as most off them are on the sick as soon as they do PT with us.
  8. I have just signed up, hopefully be in by Sept. Thats a big hope, evidently RA, has capped there intake for the next few months! But am keeping the faith.

    The thing i am curious about is what happens after phase 1? Do we head to Gunnery school or first p-company then salisbury? My recruiter was rather vague when we spoke, seemed completely unaware as to what happens. At ADSC are we to complete the required times etc as Paras Infantry or as Gunners?

    Any help would be much appreciated lads!
  9. You do Ph1, then Ph2 (at Larkhill - Royal School of Artillery) and then go to Colchester to join 7 RHA. Then you will do P-Coy.
  10. Cheers mate
  11. no such thing as 7 para...or there isnt when their around paras anyways
  12. remember you will still be a hat
  13. lol, you can get out of larkhill with 10:30 ..its outrageous ...jack *****, should be hung.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Am I correct in remembering that Josh Lewsey was 7 Para RHA?