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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by papabravo, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Evening all, im looking at a possible transfer over to 7 this year, depending on whether my wife can get a civil service transfer to work in Colchester.
    Just a couple of questions for anyone currently in the regiment or have left recently.
    How long after P Company would you wait before doing the jumps course? I know that any airborne unit wont take anyone serious who doesnt have their wings.
    And the other thing was, i was told by someone in 7 that if you transfer in, you wont automatically get into an FST, and would have to wait a while. Ive been on the FSTs for 8 years and am a level 4 and also have recently passed the FAC course ( but not yet CQ'd) so if id have to go and work in a CP or even worse, on a gun... It seems like s bit of a waste of time as i have no quals in these trades less for level 1 sigs. So id be doing a gunners job as a full screw.
    Any advice would be appreciated. I did do herrick 13 with 7 but didnt ask too many questions as at the time i wasnt planning on transferring.

  2. To be honest, it would be stupid if they didn't pursue your qualifications. One of my soldiers (Cpl) transferred a few years back. He was already 'jumps' trained and thought he would go straight in to the TACP, that didn't happen. However, he wasn't qualified in any respect unlike your situation.

    On the Para front, once at 7RHA, they would get you qualified. Probably not going to happen unless you're in the brigade due to AT shortage etc.

    Give them a bell/email. What have you got to lose?

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  3. I'll probably contact them after leave. I dont plan on going TACP to be honest, id rather stay as a FAC on an FST, or even work as an FST Ack again. Cheers for the reply
  4. You'd get para trained eventually but the way things are going with para pids it might take a while. The plan is that unless you are attached to the Para Reg BG you won't receive para pay, so there's no real rush to get you qualified.

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  5. My main concern is taking shit from people for not having wings on my arm. If i get a gunner who hasnt even done a tour calling me a crow or a hat for not having a set of wings on my arm... I think id end up spending some time in a different part of colchester if that happened. I just dont think id be taken seriously as a full screw in an airborne regiment if im not jumps trained.
  6. When I was at 16x in 2008 almost half of 7 RHA were not badged up, so I wouldn't worry about it ( things may have changed now, but I doubt it)

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  7. Haha, just because you'd done P Coy and got your wings up wouldn't stop you being a hat!!!!

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  8. Hat isnt a word id use no matter what reg i was in... Im not trying to escape being a "hat" and im not one of those who wants to go to 7 because i don't have the balls to go to para reg, i chose artillery because i wanted to do the FST job, and i couldnt give a toss what people call me for it. all im saying is, i wouldnt take kindly to some sprog gunner fresh off his jumps course looking down his nose at me.
    Believe me, im not ever going to be the kind of twat who struts around calling everyone hats and wearing head to toe maroon whatever the occasion.
  9. PapaBravo - they don't all NEED wings, so won't all be jump trained. Someone from 7RHA now needs to answer that for sure, but as I understood it, you aren't all jump qualified.

    Good luck.

    Your RCMO shuld be able to sort you out for info (or your BSM/Tp Comd/BC), if you don't want to raise your head above the Regimental parapet. A lot will depend on whether they have a vacancy in 7 RHA for a L4 OPA. If you went in on a transfer and some LBdr was then denied promotion, I'd be more worried about him having a go about that than someone having a pop about being a penguin!
  10. That's correct I think less than half are jump trained, I could be wrong, but isn't that the specialisation of 7RHA, to be in the para role?

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  11. They support the Air Assault Brigade, but don't all need wings.

    How likely is it that the guns will be thrown out of a C130?

    FST and key personnel, but bit everybody. I guess there's a desire to train as many as possible, but like any course, jumps course must be over subscribed...
  12. Or even in an MSP.