7 (Para) RHA tie

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Sandbanks, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Was looking at the Smart Turnout website and came across this:


    Now the tie I had (God knows where it is) was navy blue with the RHA Cypher and VII in gold with sky blue wings embroidered on it. It was quite a slim tie and made by a company called Ammo & Co. Whilst I will agree that this is a generic Airborne/Gunner tie, is it now the official 7RHA tie?

    Can anyone confirm?

    It's bloody expensive too!! (Compared to PRI prices).
  2. ive never seen one like that before, and your right about the expense.
  3. I also think it isn't a 7RHA tie as I remember them - it's the airborne qualified Gunner tie. There was one which had an RHA cypher and a pegasus on it too.
  4. Mine from late 80s/early 90s is the navy colour with cypher and wings. Maybe (like in 29) the officers and ORs tend to wear different ones? Saw one of the lads at Glasgow wearing the zig-zag/wings design this week. But would agree the latter is Airborne Gunner, not 7 Para RHA.

    Where's doorbundle when you need him?
  5. F, G & I usually wore their Battery ties.

    I don't recall any particular ruling on the "Regimental" tie.

    As far as I recall, the "cipher and wings" version was officially "correct", but the only available specimens in my time were huge kipper ties made of glossy polyester. Consequently many tended to default to the "airborne gunner" version, which were still available in silk versions of various vintages and widths (from bootlace to heli-pad...).
  6. A lot of the older Airborne Gunners wear that tie up the PRA club, they weren't 7 RHA but whoever it was in the 50'60's.
  7. I have seen that tie quite a few times in the city, never on a serving member though

    The only ties I saw on guys from 7 were either Bty ties or some generic para one (maroon with wings on, maroon with pegasus on that sort of thing)
  8. Sandbanks, the lads at 289 wear this as the default Airborne Gunner tie, bought from the PRI. Anyone buying from Smart Turnout - well, a fool and his money...

    Just wish we had our own with 289 GVA on it.

    Was there ever such a thing?
  9. I have contacted ST and they say that this is the correct tie according to 'the regimental PRI'. Can anyone pm me with the PRI number as I'd love to be able to replace the one I've appeared to have lost? I have an I battery tie but don't wear it much after several people came up to me and said 'I went to that school too'.

    289 did have their own tie once upon a time. Again it was navy with (if memory serves me correctly) red daggers and blue wings and '289' woven into it in a diagonal pattern. Don't have a pic though I'm afraid.
  10. Are you sure about the 29 thing? The original tie was, as it is now, with the silver dagger and XXIX on a green background. This, for some reason, was then changed so it copied the stable belt. Someone ( :oops: ) then kicked up a fuss and the original was re-instated although I think the green is the wrong colour (too dark). At no time was the intention to have one tie for officers and one for OR's and I would be disappointed if that was now the case. I remember that 8 battery's tie was pretty strident - black with the gunner lightning streak in gold while 148 battery wore the combined ops tie. Can't remember the 7 or 79 battery ties though, anyone out there who can jog my memory?
  11. Surely the original tie for 29 was the stable belty one? The XXIX/dagger one is much nicer however.
  12. 'Fraid not. The stable belt, if you speak to the old and bold, wasn't introduced for a number of years after the regiment took the commando role - until then they wore the usual RA stable belt. You can imagine the conversation "In my day we wore the proper artillery stable belt, not that thing they wear now". Just jealous if you ask me. Anyway, can't stop - the future Mrs sandbanks and I are of to Poole for the weekend.
  13. I belive this one may be for us older and bolder who have served as airbourne in 4th Regt in the early 80's or the 47 Regt guys now, the basic tie is an RA one with wings, which makes it a flat button tie, not one usually worn by the elite of the RHA
  14. Not long left 29 so can be pretty sure of accuracy. The 'stable belt' 29 tie is favoured by offrs, probably as was preferred by one of the COs a few years back. Of course, its really the Commando Gunner tie and has the attraction to some that someone not 'in the know' will be unaware that it is a unit tie - good OPSEC! The last couple of RSMs prefer the dagger and XXIX tie. I admit to liking (and owning) both!

    As for the stable belts themselves, they have fallen out of use as we all wear CS95 with green belt, apart from, it seems, former officers in the regiment who freely wear them around Larkhill and other establishments.

    We do like the Army Commando shoulder flashes the regiment wore in Afghanistan though!
  15. Hmmm, a quick perusal of the Smart Turnout website reveals that there is only demand for polyester regimental ties from the AGC, Royal Artillery and the Rifles.

    'Nuff said. :D