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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by joshrichardson, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. I've got a few questions regarding the 7 Para RHA Light Gun regiment.

    I am looking at many different choices for an Army career, do I need Royal Artillery runtimes and fitness levels or do I need to get my runtimes down to 9 or so minutes like Parachute Regiment standard?

    Basically, all I am asking is - do I need Para runtimes or RA runtimes to join 7 Para RHA? I was also wondering if P Company came straight after finishing basic + trade/artillery training.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. You don't need para times in Recruit Selection, just the regular ones or "RA times" as you like to call them

    The fitness levels won't really increase till you get to get to Phase 2 training at Larkhill. Word of warning though, if you scrap in every run and don't put on a good show, when asked for preferred Regt and you say 7 RHA, you may get refused to even start and put in another regiment

    Please remember, you are wishing to join the Royal Regiment of Artillery, NOT 7 RHA, don't be suprised if you change your mind during training, I've seen it loads of times
  3. Cheers mate - great help. It's good to know I don't have to absolutely kill myself to achieve runtimes now as I've already got a 1.5 mile time of about 10:30.

    Thankyou for clearing that up, though.
  4. By the way, does 7 Para RHA do a lot of work with horses and the like?
  5. loads as they are supurb at static line jumps
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  6. Of course they do - 15.4h half-Arabs are well known for always jumping No 1.
  7. I find myself confused with the sarcastic wit of the arrse community once more!
  8. No but really - I suffer from mild hayfever/allergy around horses, nothing serious at all and I'm fine with it, but I'm worried that it'll cause a delay in the application/job somewhere..
  9. LOL, I have a funny feeling your 'mild hayfever / allergy' with horses will be perfectly fine : ) Do some research on your chosen regiment
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  10. Im also considering joining 7 para RHA i don't know of any work with horses at all my dad is ex 7 para and has filled me in with the fitness requirements you don't really want to be aiming for RA run times because when it comes to P company you will need to be PARA fit so aim for 9:30 minimum.
  11. I had a good chuckle at this one, I really think this is an example of why they have selection, I served in 7 for 6 years and only saw a horse when I went to the races for a RA race one day, come on guys if you want to join the Army and have thought about a unit why not actually go to the web site and see what they are doing now and if you go onto the site now there is a day in the life section telling you what it's like as an officer and a soldier.

    As for the fallout from passing your jumps the commando way, our RSM at my time was ex 29 and got the respect the same as everyone else, yes you get a ribbing but a minor one, there is always friction between the maroon and green but nothing major but for fitness you can never be too fit so getting yourself down to the fastest you can as soon as you can is best as once you are there you stay there, I joined from junior leaders and never ever dreamed of being a Para soldier until it was suggested to me as I was in the Juniors Orienteering team and once I got to a level it was easy, the only time you struggle is if you have a break as after a tour in Belize I found my times were down (but nothing too bad.

    So get fit stay fit (and stay off the horses!

    Gremlin EX 7 Para RHA
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  12. Yes. Lots. He's called Pegasus and, unlike most horses, he can fly. That's why he serves with an airborne unit. You will have to do the 12-week All Arms Airborne Equitation Course before you can ride him though. This will entitle you to wear a picture of him on your arm.The course comes after Ph 2 and before P Coy.
  13. Deleted
  14. I dont mind what reg i get into, as long as im enjoying what im doing then im happy to carry on and do it
  15. A 10 min 30 pft time? That needs to come down for a regular regiment, let alone a specialist one