7 Para Regt RHA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Jono8192, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys I was just wondering if you can go straight into this unit or whether or not you need to service with another Artillery unit first?

    Also, can you choose which one you want to go into, or is it more pot luck or 'go where you are needed'?

  2. U select what regiment you want during your training and yes you can go straight into 7 para RHA.
    Theres plently of info in other posts, just search it.
  3. i went to 7 para RHA straight after training. Expect to get extra pt and you will be tested to make sure your fitness is up to scratch otherwise you will be posted elsewhere.I was 17 when i did P company and i found it very hard on my body at that age. As i have aged my stamina is alot better i am now 35 but still enjoy the physical side of the army although no longer serving with 7th. You can always try it at a later stage of you army career if you like or test yourself at something else like the commando course, special observer selection or higher.
  4. But no wings is there?
  5. how do you mean no wings? you pass p company, get loaded on a parachuting course at Brize and on comletion of the course you get presented you wings, a bit like passing the all arms commando course you then get your green beret. Not sure what you get for passing Special OP selection.
  6. No cos theres no spare planes.
  7. Training jumps are still ongoing.
  8. For now wouldn't bet on it lasting,once the civil serpents get amongst the budgets.
  9. It used to be a little green triangle/trig point symbol worn on the left arm don't know if this is still the case.

  10. Its not a f**king trig point its a TAC Map symbol for an Arty OP

    They still wear it as well as a Khaki beret and black stable belt
  11. Quality Street.
  12. You need to get your wings sorted out pronto or just deal with being a dirty hat
  13. Oh deary me. Nesbit is back.
  14. The fraggle badge looked really silly :D
  15. Brize courses are still being held for 7RHA and 21BTY, and from what I've heard there are no sign of any being held back from going on courses.
    As far as I'm aware, the people affected are those who are not a part of a unit that has an airborne role, and are just trying to get on them for themselves. Units such as the above mentioned and the likes of RE and RLC airborne squadrons take lower priority placing to Parachute Regiment soldier spaces. Ready to be corrected by someone more in the know, as I was told this some 2-3 months ago- things change all the time!