7% of the Army on Arrse

Given that the real strength of the Army is less than 100 000 and there are now over 7000 Arrse members there is possibly 7% of the Army using this website, other than the ex mil (like me) and Sun/Mirror Reptiles (journos) surfing for an easy story. An nutcases like BB.

I do hope it is part of the RCDS and New COs/ Bde Comds' Course.

It is purgetastic - here is the real truth rather than the sanitised bollo*ks from the Company Commanders and the Regimental Sergeant Major!

Arrse you are the puppy's, possibly the dog's, even approaching the horse's!
Figures may be a little out, having seen countless people turn up (BB for instance) with many many psudonames and split personalities. But you are right about the good that is ARRSE.

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