7 months preggers while in Afghanistan but didn't know?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by BrandySoured, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Help me here, how fat does a bird need to be to not know she is 7 months preggers. Didn't she also not notice the lack of monthly visits?

    Or am I being mean and ignorant?

    Linky to story and more links

    Pregnant soldier on front line
    (UKPA) – 1 hour ago
    A British soldier served on the front line in Afghanistan while she was seven months' pregnant, it has been revealed.
    Sources said Private Kayla Donnelly, 21, did not know she was carrying her baby while fighting in Helmand province from March to September last year.
    The machine gunner from 12 Logistic Support only discovered she was pregnant with her son Josh when her contractions began while on holiday in Tenerife.
    Pte Donnelly, of Penrith, Cumbria, gave birth just two weeks after leaving Afghanistan.
    According to The Sun, Josh's father, Pte Aaron McMillan, was in Afghanistan at the same time as Pte Donnelly, but is now back home in Manchester.
    It is Army policy not to send pregnant soldiers to the front line and to return them home immediately if they become aware they are carrying a baby.
    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We wouldn't comment on individual circumstances."
    Copyright © 2011 The Press Association. All rights reserved.
  2. Nope not the first time this has happened and they dont need to be too fat either...perhaps a bit dim when not having a period for 7 months and kind of not realising that perhaps something may have been untoward! do they sell pregnancy testing kits in the NAAFI at Bastion?

    It says she is a machine gunner! Now I know female medics go out on patrol and whatnot but do they have women atcually in combat roles manning machine guns now?

    Theres a piccy of her on the link to the Sun.... love the caption "Kayla Donnelly.....with toy" how dense are Sun readers if they need to be told its a toy??? :-D
  3. serious head on...it DOES happen. If the uterus is retroverted (tilted back) there's no bump to speak of, and what bump they do get is much higher up so can be mistaken for general weight gain. Many women have a monthly all through pregnancy, and even if they stopped it could be put down to stress.

    Serious head off......she must be MAHOOSIVE!!
  4. whats the opposite of that then 'cos my missus looks pregnant even when she isnt!
  5. that just means she's a fookin' heifer!
  6. Why must she?
  7. I didn't know the RLC had a Machine Gunner trade.
  8. Bigbird...you've been 'chubbed' :roll:
  9. Indeed, has happened to a girl I grew up with(no I wasn't the Dad) 1st thing she knew when an ambulance driver told her what the story was, she thought it was appendix.
    Girls who train (phys) hard tend to have irregular periods or even stop. As for having a period all through pregnancy that also happens as BB says, it's common on my side of the family all those expecting girls have had periods/bleeds, that might just be a coincedence but so far has been an indicator.

    On a lighter note I bet there's some fellas sweating over a knock from Mr. CSA!
  10. Ditto mate, although I dare not tell her that...

    Seriously though- "She thought she had gained weight while in Afghanistan due to the pressure of serving on the front line."
    Who the **** manages to put that much weight on in afcrapistan "on the front line" especially on a summer tour?

  11. Chubb, that’s a very misleading avatar
  12. feck it....she's been so quiet i thought she'd died!!! Explains why it had no clue about pregnancy, as no-one in their right mind would impregnate it!
  13. Believe it or not shes not a fatty - Shes not a machine gunner either - a radio operator - classy bint had "herrick 12" tattooed on her fore arm on R&R. Face like a bag of spanners though.
  14. Wah? surely.
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