7 minute PFT (BPFA)?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by msr, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Just keep it going for another 2hrs!
  3. I'm sure we had a young lad in brats do a 6 min 50 BFT, might even have been 6 min 40 with boots.
  4. we had a lad do it in 8 min on our assesment day blimey.. dunno how he did it..
  5. one of our guys reg comes in at 7 mins or there abouts! Sickening!
  6. Had a mate who did 6.40 ish IIRC. W*nk at everything else though and the weakest creature alive.
  7. Probably not anything too amazing.

    I have a great 5, 8 and 10 mile time but my 1.5mile is a very average 9 minutes sometimes up to 9:30.

    Long distance runners need time to bed everything in properely. Breathing. Pain in the feet and shins arm movement and position. Etc etc!
  8. I did 9mins 15s once. It was my proudest moment.
  9. There was a PTI at Bassingbourn when I was in basic who did it in about 6:45.
  10. BLOODY HELL! That's insane. Made me feel like a right lard ass with my 10:20 BFT!

    Cheers for that, probably shocked me into harder training.

    On that note I was in the AFCO the other day and this Navy hopefull was bragging about his 4:30 bft.. felt like making him look like a git for talking out of his arrse but didnt bother.

  11. Should have no excuse, i'm 33 and run it in 8:15
  12. I'm the exact same; I'd do a 10k in around 42 mins, 8 mile just under the hour and around 1.40 for half marathon.

    Something to do with slow-twitch muscles and other stuff I forgotten from the PTI modules...