7 miles, 1 hour...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by carlbcfc, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Now i aimed for a 40 min go on my treadmill after doing 11 miles on the roads last week where there were a few hills too. I ended up doing 1 hour 25sec and 7 miles.

    Can anyone tell me if thats any good? and that obviously down to hitting the roads recently right?

    HRM says:

    Avg HR 90%
    Max HR 101%
    1144 kcal
  2. Its good but what incline did you use anything less than 1 % and the treadmill is dragging you along.

    I normally get 3 miles done in 21 mins with a 2% incline i dont do longer.
  3. 1 is a slight incline, 2 is middle, 3 is steep, was on 2...not sure what 5 that is though....york treadmill if anyone know the %
  4. incline is always measure in % mate
  5. Get out on the road in the rain and the cold. If you can get your arse out of bed and do that then the times will come easy. P.S.Those who advise you how to pass any physical test by running on a treadmill should be thrown out of the Armed Forces.
  6. Ive been doing a 3.2 miles route on the road recently but own a treadmill so thought id give it a bash today to see if there was an improvement. 07:30am im out in the morning for a road run. Treadmill ok for cardio though surely?
  7. I run on treadmills because i prefer it, it means i can keep a constant pace and i dont get bored because of the tv. On roads i end up going to fast and dying before the distance i wanna do. I know its not the best way of training but it works for me.
  8. Over the harsh scottish winter i went on the treadmill and thought it was good for cardio and speed constance. I used to do it for half an hour on a 4.5% incline at 7mph and the first road run i did the other week i nearly died!
    Ive managed to claw my running back up and then some but i really wouldnt recomend the treadmill despite being in strong favour of it when i was using it
  9. You end up learning to pace yourself after about 6-10 runs
  10. Been trying that for over a decade now i just cant do it