7 June: 1 French KIA and 3 WIA in RC-E


I remember being told that the only two things that should get you killed are better enemies and bad luck. You can work on the former, but not the latter. When your time's up, it's up.
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A sergeant of the 2nd REP was killed this afternoon by shrapnel from a rocket, in the province of Kapissa in Afghanistan. Three other NCOs were wounded by gunfire during a violent clash with insurgents. According to the staff of the army, "the insurgents fled after having suffered severe casualties".

The clashes took place when the French army was organizing free medical aid for the population of Payendakhel. About thirty insurgents attempted to infiltrate the French positions and they fell on the outposts of Task Force Altor made up of Foreign Legionnaires from the Calvi-based 2 REP, airborne Engineers from the 17 RGP and Airborne Hussars from the 1 RHP.

Two French army air corps Tiger combat helicopters and two US F-15 also provided fire support.

Since Saturday, June 5, the Surobi TF and a "kandak" (battalion) of the Afghan National Army - a total of 700 men - are engaged in an operation called Altor Libecciu, the aim of which is to ensure an enduring presence in the south of the Tagab valley.

The death of this Legion NCO brings to 43 the number of French soldiers killed in Afghanistan, including seven since the beginning of the year. Of these 43 deaths, 22 were in direct combat and 8 by improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the other being non-combat related.
He fell in a good cause, trying to make a positive difference by supplying medical aid to the local population. It's a material loss for our allies, but a propaganda loss for the enemy. It proves they are no better than the Vietcong who would cut children's arms off if they were innoculated by US forces.


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Rest in peace fellers

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Sounds like an ambush

L'accrochage a eu lieu alors que l'armée française organisait une consultation médicale pour la population de Payendakhel, dans le cadre des actions civilo-militaires. Une trentaine d'insurgés ont tenté de s'infiltrer et ils sont tombés sur le dispositif de protection mis en place . Deux hélicoptères de combat Tigre et deux F-15 américains sont intervenus en soutien.

Cet accrochage s'est déroulé alors que depuis samedi 5 juin, le GTIA de Surobi et un "kandak" (bataillon) de l'armée nationale afghane - au total 700 hommes - sont engagés dans une vaste opération, baptisée Altor Libecciu, dont le but est d'assurer une présence de longue durée dans le sud de la vallée de Tagab.

Le GTIA engagé par la France, baptisé Task Force Altor, est armé par les légionnaires du 2ème REP de Calvi, ainsi que par le 1er RHP et le 17ème RGP
From what is currently known, it was not an ambush but an insurgent advance to contact which bumped into the outer screen deployed to secure the free medical aid to the population. As the TB hit a team from the regimental HALO platoon, a unit which tends to recce far forward, it's likely that they ran into the outer fringes of the screen.

The 2 REP Polish NCO who was killed as well as the 3 WIAs belonged to the 2 REP HALO platoon (GCP).

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