Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. When I was in 73 Int Sect, Korbecke between 1979 and 1981, I was a regular member of 7 Int Coy's THREAT Roadshow, playing the argumentative (and portly) Soviet officer as we toured around Garrisons in HQ 1 (BR) Corps, back in London in 1980 and the final presentation in Rheindahlen at the Globe Cinema in front of General Sir Michael Gow.

    I had a fabulous time with the team, who also included one former Director of the Corps, and a number of very professional JNCOs, including at least a couple who went on to be commissioned to Staff Rank, and one who made the mistake of buying a metallic pink Ford Escort.

    However, can anyone remember the very first performance of the Roadshow, which was given in the old Nissan hut cinema in Soltau back in 1976 to an audience who mainly consisted of Staff Officers. The 7 Int Coy team was led by their OC who had an unfortunate speech impediment, and the team was supported by 71 Int Section's enthusiastic model maker and Group Cricket Captain, a Corporal A******* H********. Only two things spoiled the performance that day. The first was when the OC, microphone in hand, miming to an Andy Williams record, had to speak his first words......and couldn't get them out. The second co*k up was when AH had to launch his model of a FROG 7 SSM, which hung on a cat gut wire and was propelled by a small motor. As he lit the fuse, the match burned through the cat gut and the FROG Model went into an unintentional and unguided free flight towards the balcony at the rear of the cinema. Laugh, the audience almost sh*t themselves !
  2. Now this brings back memories. Born free? Can't help but smile whenever I hear the song.
  3. I wish I could still make use of my 16mm Projectionists' qualification. Oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that following my hurried bodge jobs the sound systems in many a SKC cinema are probably still liable to burst into flames.

    Holst makes a good background for security departmental presentations, too; but tone down the massed Soviet artillery.

    ...Born Free...
  4. And who didn't weep buckets when we heard the sad tale of the Mutiny on board the Soviet Krivak Class Anti-Submarine Frigate Storozhevoy (Vigilant) accompanied by the equally sad music from Holst's "Planets Suite"

    You remember the one - In November 1975, the ship was based with the Soviet Baltic Fleet in the Port of Riga, Latvian SSR when its Political Officer, Captain 3rd Rank Valery Sabin, who dared to protest against Leonid Brezhnev (Letters to Brezhnev) sailed the vessel with her crew out of the Bay of Riga and headed towards Leningrad where they intended to broadcast a message next to the Aurora. The mutiny started after Sabin locked the loyal Captain in his cabin.

    When Leonid Brezhnev found out, he ordered the deployment of the complete Baltic Fleet to hunt down the frigate and sink her with all aboard (which alarmed the Royal Swedish Navy when they suddenly saw hundreds of Soviet warships bearing down on them).

    The Storozhevoy was eventually traced and attacked by Soviet Air Force Yak 28s and then boarded by Soviet Marines. At least 50 members of the crew were killed in the assault. Sabin and a sailor were tried and executed and the rest of the crew was broken up and dispersed to other Naval Units (with 3 month Warning Orders no doubt)

    The Storozhevoy was moved to the Soviet Pacific Fleet and finally sold to India

    All this sounds like a good idea for a book and a film starring Sean Connery - Lets call it the Hunt for Red October.
  5. So you're to blame. A few weeks ago whilst firing up the BBQ and listening to Radio Saga (Radio 2), the song "Love is in the Air" came on. Suddenly I had visions of Russian fighters from the 1970's.

    The reason for this flashback. Because of one of those roadshows where the track was played of various pictures of said aircraft were shown on the screen at the Munster SKC (as was).

    Good advertising is about getting the recipient to remember the product long after seeing the advert. If that is the case, then you were very good 8) 8)
  6. Thank you Morse Monkey

    I assume you are talking about the new SKC Globe Cinema near York Barracks and not the old one in the centre of town near the Lido Bar ?
  7. Please also don't forget that each time you hear the opening theme to "Top Gear" you heard this Eagles track on the "Threat" first. The certain OC that stumbled over some words had his script prepared with all those difficult phrases by his highly supportive staff - just to see whether he could 'overcome'- we were helping him really - honest. Personally - I had a ball on that road show! We even took it to the open mouthed, wide eyed American Int community and they just could not see how we were allowed to present in that style. Maybe there sould be a re-run done in Chelsea Pensioner frock coats
  8. Well when we came back to England to do the Roadshow in 1980 at the Duke of Yorks HQ in London (I was released from my A1 to take part) I seem to remember some panic in the streets of Chelsea when our CQMS got lost in our broken down Leyland DAF van and we all jumped out to control the traffic forgetting that I was dressed in Soviet Officers Top Coat with hat and the rest were carrying slung AK-47s so we wouldn't lose them.
  9. Highlander Spy is clearly over the age limit to be a Chelsea Pensioner :lol:
  10. A little known fact - all of us arre classed as Out Pensioners of the Royal Hospital when we leave the Army - It only takes a little longer, and an exemplary record, to get in !
  11. I was in 71 from 80-82 then transferred to HQ 7 Int in Bielefeld and also took part in the travelling roadshow. I remember the 3 'Ivans' who would goose step down through the centre of the cinema and form up whilst the Sov Major would have the discussion on stage as to why the Sovs were the greatest thing since sliced bread. The slides to show their weaknesses included the rear shot of a BMP from the Yom Kippur war which had brewed up and still had the skeletal remains in the back from the rear fuel tanks detonating. And of course.... Born Free with the OC dancing on stage at the intro... Wasn't life simpler then? Emphasis on the SIMPLE.

  12. And of course the small matter of Mrs B_A shuffling off her mortal coil, which is hopefully not for a while!
  13. SIMPLE ! Have you tried to get your Coy Comd up to brief in a crushed velvet tux and a frilly shirt open to the waist recently?

    Can it be that it was all so simple then
    Or has time rewritten every line
    And if we had the chance to do it all again
    Tell me
    Would we?
    Could we?

  14. Ah Yes - How Does it Go Now

    "Mammaries" :twisted:
  15. Don't be daft - 7 Coy again!! My liver wouldn't stand it!