7 August: 2 X Foreign Légionnaires KIA RC-E

PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office says two French soldiers were killed and five others injured in a clash with insurgents in Afghanistan’s northeastern Tagab valley.

The soldiers were taking part in a reconnaissance mission Sunday morning when they came under fire, Sarkozy’s office said in a statement. A separate statement from the Defense Ministry added that “several” of the insurgents were killed or injured in the clash.

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2 French soldiers killed, 5 injured in clash with insurgents in Afghanistan - The Washington Post

The two KIAs (Caporal Kisan Bahadur Thapa and Légionnaire de 1ère classe Gerhardus Jansen) belonged to the 2eme REP; they were killed by SAF in the Bedraou Valley of RC-E.


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