7 Armd Wksp REME - The removal of the 1 RTR Bell

Discussion in 'REME' started by Centurian_ARV, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody rememeber the eventful day after a rugby match between 1 RTR and 7 Armd Wksp in Hildesheim, circa 1986. After an unsuccessful attempt at removing the church sign from the church grounds (the german bus driver refused to let it on the bus) a bell left out, by a REME Tech Spanker 2 i/c of the guard, was taken instead. A rather large welshman turned around to me on the bus back to Fally and said "Do you think they will miss it?" My reply " What a bell manufactured from the first shell cases fired in the korean war, nope i dont think so" His reply was merely F##K"
  2. I was a crafty at 1RTR at the time, it would be fair to say that the world fell off its axis following those events. Not a good time to be in that unit and be REME afterwards, deffo not a good time to be in THAT guard shift either :D
  3. I was 1 RTR LAD as well and i was on the bus !!!!!!!!!!!! and i did nothing to stop it happening. I sometimes wish that i was on guard that weekend as well, it seems that my Ass never touched the ground for quite sometime after as everybody seemed to want a piece of it!
  4. Aye but was it worth it Cent_ARV It would seem to me that whoever pulled a stunt like that should be immortalised in song. :D

  5. There too at that fatefull time. Not fun for us REME chaps, but a bloody good laugh to see the tankies faces.

    Humph, do I know you ? Are you still "DM'ing"?
  6. Bloody hell boys. I remember this one. Was very good mates with some of the guys in the team and had just left Hildesheim. The big welsh bugger lived on the stories for years afterwards.
    It would have been a bugger trying to secure it to the wall in the celler bar so that no bugger could steal it.
  7. Yes indeedy, that and Red Orchestra
  8. I was skipper of 7Armd that day. We didn't have a full side out, came back from 10-0 at half time to win 11-10. Bloody hot day.
    There was total sh1t on for weeks when we got back to fally. CO had to apologise etc. Monkeys all over the shop.
    It was all the RTR fault, they had no beer in their bar only white wine, so we drunk it like beer.
    If they would have had beer who knows?

    Excellent memories.
  9. Yep I was at 7 when the bell did a runner big new in the Hacket that day -bout the same time the juke box got raided and one of the packrats had a stash in his room--them were the the proper days of ten pack --herfys yellow handbags
  10. This happened again when the AAC robbed it, their RSM said he wanted it on his desk in two or else, his desk was taken from his office and a photo with the bell placed on it was sent. Also, the ferret patrol car that was positioned with it at the front gate was painted pink!
  11. present at the time of "the great bell fiasco" and if i remember correctly it was a "tech spanker" (all these years and still bitter) that nicked it in the first place, a tels tech i recall.
  12. I was at 7 Armd Wksp '83 - '87, and know nothing of these events...maybe it's because I was in the TOGS section lol, but I don't remember any big flap or ruckus about any bell?

    Mind you I played football not rugby, perhaps thats why?
  13. There is a degree of irony in the Tankies response considering their annual Cambrai steal-a-thon antics.
  14. Not in the same league as the 1 RTR bell, but the 4 Armd rugby team managed to get the 25 Pounder gun outside the RHQ of 3 RHA who were in Barker barracks at the time hitched up to the back of our bus and to the gate before they realised what we were doing. Some real bollockings to the grown ups on the bus and we had to put it back before they let us off camp.
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  15. Yes I was in 1 RTR LAD when 1 AAC nicked it in 89 or 90 - major regimental sad on and a few scraps if I remember correctly - as an aside on REME 50 we stagged on the top table and nicked the big axe things that were hanging on the wall behind DGEME - unfortunately we had to return them in the infamous 'amnesty' afterwards - I also remember 1 of the reccy mechs standing behind the DGEME playing with his tadger when he was doing his speech! - Hildesheim was an outstanding place and posting