7/7 Were they suicided?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mister_Angry, Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Dunno - fack 'em either way.

  1. Return tickets.

    Recent big payout to get the car serviced.

    Car had a 7 day parking permit.

    Explosives left in the car - presumably for pickup later.

    Carrying their driver's licences and other ID on them.

    Despite vast propaganda value, no 'martyrdom videos', tapes or letters.

    Bus bomber sees to have tried to get into Euston but couldn't, so got the bus - indicating he got caught out, maybe thought he had more time?

    Doesn't it look like an ASU that thought it was going to be in business for some time, not dead before breakfast :?:
  2. By the individual(s) who recruited, facilitated the attacks and made the bombs. I.e the bloke today's arrestee is being extensively asked about, inbetween bouts of nipple-twisting and bollok-kicking.
  3. They are cheaper than the cost of a single ticket.

    Possibly another member of their gang was going to take ownership of the car.

    Again, possibly it was to be collected by another member of their gang.

    And yet again, the explosives could have been there for another gang member to pick up.

    They were going to die, so did they really care if they were identified??

    Although your typical suicide bomber does tend to leave behind some kind of message for the world, there is no reason to say that every suicide bomber has to.

    Maybe he changed his mind.

    You could spend forever and a day second guessing these freaks, problem is that we’ll never know the truth unless we manage to capture someone who was directly involved.
  4. Mr Angry

    Have you fallen out with Peter Dow and Jeannie??

    It sounds like you are missing the company of such like-minded, sane individuals.

    Help is at hand, don't worry we know where you live:

    Hat stand central

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  5. Goodbye Candida.

    You post, I chop, simple really. Or perhaps you'd like to go and enter another comedy rant in the Wiki?
  6. Hat stand central??

    Sadly it led me round to here Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto Metropolitan Police Surveillance Camera Photo? and I was not amused.

    to paraphrase my response: I don't think it helps to have folks, from hundereds or thousands of miles away from here, trying to drive a wedge between our communities, when folks are being killed by vulnerable and easilly influenced individuals.