7/7 London bombings conspiracy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by matt12345, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. Stop it, step away from the computer, go outside and get some sun....
  2. I agree its a load of bollocks
  3. What a load of bollox. It ain't always a conspiracy you know!
  4. FFS how many more times i just said its a load off bollox
  5. I'm not even going to click on it.

    A lot of our fellow countrymen and women died on that day. To say that it was caused by anything else than a handful of sick fcuks pisses me off.
  6. I thought I was onto a conspiracy one time.

    I thought wee folk were stealing my right foot socks.

    After investigations it turned out to be false.
  7. tinfoil hat brigade inbound!
  8. Set bacofoil to stun.