7/7 lack of resources.

So this enquiry is designed to do what? Give the SIS the shaft?
Actually it looked like the report more or less cleared the spooks on the grounds that they didn't have the resources to detect and stop the blast. Doesn't stop one of the survivors having a go in the Beeb report though...
Having glanced over the report I don't understand why the services were nor arguing for more recruits in the areas (S Asia, ME etc) before the July bombings? I know they were arguing about a bottle neck in recruit training but compared to expansion that occured in America and other non-US countries the GB increase was paltry even though many people were screaming very loudly about radicalisation only to be ignored by those in the know.

Government - I'll never understand it.

edited to clarify on me point
Er, cant seem to delete my intended message, basically agreeing with the first post here until i noticed i wrote pretty much the exact same thing...
I believe that neither report is a whitewash. That is the extent of my charity!

Both reports are incomplete, diluted and reek of political interference.

Why wasn't suicide bombing considered as a serious threat? That is nonsense! I remember being briefed on more than one occasion even prior to 2001 on the threat from suicide bombers based on the example of the Tamil Tigers.

Is it possible that the WMD terrorism scenario gained far too much credibility based on the politicisation of intelligence, which was used to underpin a WMD argument for invading Iraq.

Neither report mentions Iraq. This is a clear example of odious political meddling with the intention of sparing the blushes of the Dear Leader, all praise him. There was a pre-war JIC assessment that indicated the terrorist threat level would increase if the UK participated in an invasion of Iraq. Even a small child could identify the link between Iraq and these suicide bombings. The fact that our supposed leaders and guardians have their fingers in their ears saying "la la la, I can't hear you" is of the gravest concern.

Nothing more than a full independent public inquiry with the power to subpoena witnesses and that takes evidence on oath will suffice. The chances of this - nil. Some comfort may be taken that this will damage the sinking ship of Liabour even further.

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