7/7 explained!

Have you read the "Condemnation of the video?"

A spokesman for the Leeds Muslim Forum, Arshad Chaudhry, said it was very sad that the tape had been released at the time of the anniversary of the bombings, which he called "tragic" for those affected.

"The Muslim community has been very badly affected by [the bombings], particularly in the Beeston and Leeds area," Mr Chaudhry said.

"This will just make life even more difficult, with all the media attention and the rest of the community pointing the finger, which is not justified

I should think the real victims of the bombings are pretty badly affected too!

I still haven't heard any Muslim condemning the Bombing without attempting to qualify it in some way. There has been no unequivical condemnation by any Muslim spokesperson in the past 12 months. Ther is always a but or a however in every statement made. Why?
The whites involved were the usual assortment of nonces who have been using the internet to groom girls. Additionally the majority population is not responsible for the majority of incidents why is that then? These lot have been getting investigated as part of Operation Ore and are being prosecuted.
The Muslim nonces ONLY ever target white girls and over in West Yorkshire, the squad set up to deal with this problem then has been disbanded. In fact one of the few prosecutions to come out of the Muslim Paedophilia issue has been Nick Griffin for raising it at a political meeting.

The police have literally said that there is a problem with Muslim grooming but thats OK as some white people do it to. They are more concerened with "Community relations" than dealing with child molesters and suicide bombers.
Warrior_Poet said:
The police have literally said that there is a problem with Muslim grooming but thats OK as some white people do it to. They are more concerened with "Community relations" than dealing with child molesters and suicide bombers.
Show me in a link, where the Police have said this, or is it just your twisted interpretation.
Read the police statement sniffer... they clearly try to distract attention away from Muslim grooming by saying white people are paedos too. If its not racial, then why are no Asian goirls involved in Keighley and in Blackburn? Because their religion not only justifys this type of behaviour, it encourages it.

Just look at the lack of reporting of this in the mainstream media too. Imagine what the press would say if it was a gang of soldiers behaving in this manner.

I deliberately linked this to 7/7 because it is all part of the same problem.
Tell you what Sniffer... You find me an example or a link to condemnation of 7/7 by a Muslim spokesperson that doesn't also try to justify the behaviour of the bombers in some manner?
Im not arguing the point on 7/7 - on this I quite agree with you. What I dislike and cannot agree with you on is your distraction on to a completely unrelated topic which you then interpret in your own special way. You blatantly ignore statements that are inconvenient to your argument because they get in the way of your blatant hatred of all things Asian
I don't hate all things Asian, this is about a politico - religious philosophy that is damaging our society and the same religious beliefs that justify bombing also justify paedophilia (Their "Perfect" prophet was married to a 9 year old).

It is the police who are guilty of distraction on this point. They are the ones who attempted to link internet grooming to grooming by racist asian gangs. Even you must recognise that is a strange thing to do. It's a bit like saying, well yes there is a problem with Muslim peadophiles but of course gary Glitter was foung guilty in of paedophilia in Viet Nam.

Of course if you wish to make excuses for nonces Sniffer, please feel free.

I'm also still waiting for the link to an unequivical condemnation of Islamic terrorism by our "Moderates"
There is nothing in Islam to justify paedophilia. It has been condemned by the local leaders:

Salim Mulla, the secretary of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: "We are aware of what is going on and what has been going on and are monitoring this worrying situation very closely.

"We have had many many reports of this nature and are trying to get the message across, through our mosque network, about how important women and young women are in society.

"This is about respect for these women and through seminars we are teaching men about the important role of women in society and their responsibility to them."

Why are you saying that this is an Asian problem rather than just a problem with child-molesters of any race or religion? It's not true it hasn't been reported in the media. There was a big well-publicised TV documentary on it last year.

What's this got to do with 7/7 anyway?
The Documentary was "Edge of the City" on Channel 4 regarding this problem in Keighley. As I've said, there is a major probem with this in Bradford and the police saw fit to disband the specialist squad that was dealing with this issue.

It is linked to 7/7 in the fact that the same politically correct culture that prevents the police from dealing properly with terrorism due to"Community relations" is the same culture that leads to them not dealing properly with what can only be described as institutionally racist paedophilia.

The coppers should be banging on doors and arresting ALL the nonces involved with destroying innocent children.

You quote:

"This is about respect for these women and through seminars we are teaching men about the important role of women in society and their responsibility to them."

No its not, its about obeying the laws of uk and we jail child rapists in this country... or at least we used to until we became culturally sensitive.

Its just another example of the police treading on egg shells to avoid accusatations of picking on muslims. In the meantime, how many more children will be abused?

Do you or do you not think the police should be making mass arrests? They know exactly who are involved? The truth is, I'm more likely to be arrested for raising this issue than they are for carrying out their religiously inspired acts.
Yellow_Devil said:
There is nothing in Islam to justify paedophilia.
Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236:
Narrated Hisham's father:

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.
Muslims are obliged to follow the perfect example of their Prophet. QED.
You show me how molesting kids can be "religiously inspired" then. I'd be very surprised if these teenagers - who are into smoking, drinking, drugs - would ever go to the local mosque.

You can't accuse the police of treading gingerly on either paedophilia or terrorism, certainly not these days. Look at Forest Gate - 250 officers, full NBC kit, use of firearms. There are hundreds of terror suspects locked up. How's that "politically correct" then?
THE distraught mum of a 7/7 victim yesterday challenged his suicide bomber’s mother to meet her.

Marie Fatayi-Williams, 51, urged Manzia Hussain to join her in publicly condemning the London murders and calling for peace.

Her son Anthony, 26, was one of 13 killed when 18-year-old Hasib Hussain blew up the No30 bus in Tavistock Square.

Marie said yesterday: “All I’ve read from her is that her son was peaceful, a good boy and helpful.

“If she is ready to stand up for what is true — that he was a suicide bomber and that it cannot be right to suicide bomb — I will share a platform with her. But she needs to speak the truth about her son.”

Marie issued her plea as it was revealed Hussain’s dad is STILL in denial over his son’s involvement in the bloodbath. He insisted at his Leeds home: “No one has shown me any evidence that he did it.”

Yellow Peril wrote:

You show me how molesting kids can be "religiously inspired" then. I'd be very surprised if these teenagers - who are into smoking, drinking, drugs - would ever go to the local mosque.

Firstly see Stoatmans post, secondly they justify their behaviour (As the bobers do) by saying it is part of their jihad against our society and thirdly I state again... they do NOT abuse muslim girls therefore their actions MUST be religiously inspired.

There may be hundreds of terrorist in our jails but there are many more thousands walking the streets, safe in the knowledge that the police are reluctant to act because if they do, then the "Moderated" cry Islamophobia.

I once more repeat, where is the unqualified condemnation of these acts from the moderates? The reality is they will always make an excuse. Once I hear utter condemnation from their community representatives I will admit I may have judged them harshly and admit I may be wrong. Until then however I stand by my comments about the follies of pandering to this wicked and vicious faith.
1. Muslims everywhere have condemned attacks, without reservation. But the mainstream media know they can sell more papers if they find an imam who will support suicide bombings. Look at this list of all the Muslims who have publicly condemned terrorism:


Do you really believe everything you read in the papers?

2. I repeat: Islam condemns paedophilia. You talk to any Muslim, especially any hardliners from Hizb-ut-Tahrir etc, and I guarantee they will be against, and probably in favour of all kinds of nasty punishments. If there was sharia law, you wouldn't see any of these people walking free after a few counselling sessions, believe me.

3. As to Muhammad's marriage to Aisha, it is not repeat not used in Islam to justify paedophilia. Muslim scholars would say that the evidence for the bride's exact age is "da'if" (weak) as it comes from a disputed "hadith" or saying of the Prophet in the Al-Bukhari collection of hadith. That means that the early recorders of Muhammad's actions were not convinced by the witnesses who claimed to have heard this story. In addition, they would argue that Muhammed secured the marriage to Aisha for dynastic reasons, in order to ally himself with Abu Bakr, Aisha's father, who was a powerful man in the region, and not because of some perverted lust. Finally, Aisha herself remained one of Muhammed's wives until his death and lived 50 years after him. She became a well-known scholar of the Quran and was well-respected in the community. Muhammad's other wives were generally of normal age and he didn't show any inclination towards obsession with prepubescent women - which is what paedophilia means. Any Muslim scholar will say that this was the Prophet - it was Arabia 1300 years ago with different tribal customs - and has got nothing to do with today's society. Paedophilia is evil and illegal.

4. As for the kids justifying this by saying it's a jihad - that's bullsh*t and no Muslim, moderate or radical, would agree. In Saudi Arabia, they'd be having bits chopped off their bodies for that.
An intersting link:


Rehov: I came to the conclusion that we are facing a neurosis at the level of an entire civilization. Most neuroses have in common a dramatic event, generally linked to an unacceptable sexual behavior. In this case, we are talking of kids living all their lives in pure frustration, with no opportunity to experience sex, love, tenderness or even understanding from the opposite sex. The separation between men and wo! men in Islam is absolute. So is contempt toward women, who are totally dominated by men. This leads to a situation of pure anxiety, in which normal behavior is not possible. It is no coincidence that suicide killers are mostly young men dominated subconsciously by an overwhelming libido that they not only cannot satisfy but are afraid of, as if it is the work of the devil. Since Islam describes heaven as a place where everything on earth will finally be allowed, and promises 72 virgins to those frustrated kids, killing others and killing themselves to reach this redemption becomes their only solution.

As for your link, we are talking UK Muslims condemning the attacks of 7/7. I have not seen or heard a single condemnation of the attack that did not try to justify the actions of the murdering scum in some way. i take it that you can find no unequivical either. I ask again... why has there been no unconditional and utter condemnation.
Yellow Devil - Do yourself a favour and step outside and shout at the nearest inanimate object. Continue to do this until you are blue in the face. You will achive a more satisfying and logical response than you will get from WP. Step away from the topic, his selective quotes and a blatant ignorance of any counter argument will only leave you frustrated
Or is it that you can find no statements from moderate muslims that would prove me wrong sniffer? You are not the only one frustrated!
From Jihad watch:

Islamic leaders across Birmingham have issued a joint message against terrorism in a bid to tackle mistrust of Muslims in the UK.
Leaders of the 150 mosques in the city have backed the statement, which comes in response to the police raid in London's Forest Gate this month.

The religious edict makes clear the killing of innocent victims is against the principles of Islam.

It has been welcomed by the chief constable of the West Midlands.

The message is thought to be the first joint statement made by Muslim scholars in the UK against terrorism.

Activities regulated

It states: "That killing of innocent civilians is absolutely forbidden in Islam and anyone who contemplates or commits any such act, does so against the teachings of Islam."

The statement adds action has been taken to regulate the activities of every mosque to ensure worshippers are given a message of "calmness and civic responsibility".

It said the action of the UK Government in Iraq had caused anger in the Muslim community but there is a "resolve to guide the Muslim response in accordance with good citizenship".

Note the last sentence?

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