7/7 explained!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. According to Al Ghurabaa, the events of the 7th of July can be easily explained.

    Click here - bring a healthy dose of credulousness as well.
  2. Oh god you just no its going to be drivel after that.....

    Personally and I'm sure the victims families would find this very offensive, and this shows the Islamic community is not helping itself and not doing much to sort out these trouble makers in their community. The claim to be victimised constantly, well frankly they bring most of it on themselves with stuff like this. They just keep denying all knowledge that there are extremists in their community.
  3. I was getting on kinda ok to start with, saw a comment about the human rights abuses against Muslims in Iraq and liked the fact they fail to mention it's generally BY muslims against muslims - but why let the truth get in the way? Then I saw this;

    What fcuking planet are these people on? Until now it had been someone who felt their way of life was threatened, had seen the darkside of comments by western powers and was unhappy with the events in Iraq and Afghanistan...

    Is there proof for this? AND why is he going to be extradited? Perhaps they should think about this...

    The truth... you're more likely to be a nasty person if you're islamic and wander around with signs saying "death to infidels" as much as if you're from Ireland and believe in bombing the mainland or you stand outside Huntingdon Science Park making death threats to scientists - you're more of a threat - live with it

    Are they suddenly saying that their oath of allegiance to their God is incompatible with an oath to this country? Making people say they won't bomb a country that gives them a life to lead is surely only fair?

    Then some more cr*p that say it's all our fault for letting the Americans commit abuses that we far far less than most islam nations....

    Then saying that the only reason they attacked on 7/7 was because of our foreign policy - what about Bali bombings? Nairobi? All the other attacks against western interests pre-iraq and pre-afghanistan?

    Or am I just giving this drivel and inflammatory sh*te more credence than it's worth?
  4. Not a very well written document at all. The 'conclusions' paragraph doesn't actually make any conclusions fron the body of the document, just suggests that you go and read something else to explain what it was trying to explain over the last 6 pages. A school boy could do better.
  5. Isn't that a line from the film SEALs?
  6. Erm short answer .....YES

    Al Ghuraba radical Islamist group formerly known as Al Muhajiroun (remember them, headed by the now exiled Omar Bakri?)
    They are basically takfiris who believe that 90 odd percent of Muslims are not actually Muslims.
    Even Hizb al Tahir think they are loonies.
  7. ytomk - i wish i hadnt looked at your link - i really do

    However I have and have already broken one of the drawers of my desk (was the nearest thing i could break)

    fcking cnuts

    Can we not bombard these w/\nkers with everything we ve got
    :x :x :x :x
  8. im speechless ....

    edit: going to word it better
  9. Im serious - this has a .co.uk address - this is blatant and is in our face - like you eulogy im speechless - just at an utter loss as to how to react
  10. If I could suggest that we restrain ourselves from doing something...rash?

    Although I notice that they have an email address and a phone number, so they must be reasonable people open to debate?

    Cue muffled sniggering
  11. and debate i will
  12. Excellent....... Do they have forums?