Surely its just a joke.
They'll probably sell lots of ammo, not because Americans think it'll work, but because ammo is ammo, and if the price is right it'll sell.

Great way to get your name out there though, with free advertising. Brilliant marketing.
I don't think it would proove to be very practical for me, I wouldn't want to have to comb through my dog's freshly crimped and steaming turds somewhere in the forest before I could chamber a round!
Eating pork-infused ammunition is however probably tastier, more nutritious and healthier than range stew.

Actually, so would normal ammunition come to think of it.
All you need to know. (from the "About Us" section of their site)

"...patriots from Idaho County, Idaho sat around a campfire enjoying an adult beverage....."
If they market it as effective against Muslims and VEGANS they will probably triple their sales.
******* hell, it's effective against huge numbers of interest groups! Muslims, Jews, vegetarians and people who read the Mail and think that any processed meat will give them cancer!

"No, please don't shoot me in the face - it will increase my chances of getting cancer"


If they are only winged by it do they have pork scratchings?

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