7.62mm Link

Just a quick question to all you Infanteers out there:
As a GPMG Gunner how much Link are you expected to carry?
(With due respect to OPSEC!)
You can PM me as opposed to open forum.
In my day (Swing that lamp) I would generally carry about 400 (100 per 58 patt ammo pouch doubled each side) plus up to 200 in my smock; and 30 - 50 on the gun. Now this was in the days before Body Armour (I got myself promoted before we had to use INIBA). My No 2 would carry about 400 as well.
The major question really is how much do you lug now bearing in mind that 200 is about 6Kg?
Do you use No 2s (As a Gun Group)?
Does the rest of the section share the load?

I'm asking because I'm building a rig for a bloke who's off to foreign climes soon and I feel that with Gun, Sidearm and Osprey 400 is the maximum sensible amount (And that's before you add little things like water, first aid etc etc.....)
Cheers all.
I dont think you'll get anyone to answer this mate, OPSEC and all.


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But bear in mind we tend to carry daysacks at all times these days.
Cheers chaps - what about mucking in with the load?
GPMG was 95% of the sections firepower then (SLR et al!)

Quick edit - What about the old bandoliers? We used to have the 50 rd Butyl Laminate ones.
Do you still get em?
If you're making stuff for soldiers, you might want to have a chat with the people at ITDU at Warminster.

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