7.62mm blanks and links found on a Scottish hillside?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by wireless_barf, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Ok, Im not really sure where to ask this, so i'll put it here first,

    a few days ago my lad and myself took a walk from Lochgoilhead up Ben Donich. Just as were passing a cleared area of forrestry, my lad spots some discarded cartridges. These turn out to be a small scattered heap of 7,62 blank, accompanied by a equally random smattering of links. Quite obviously someone lobbed off a quick burst there sometime in the past (all cases well pattinered)

    Nothing unusual i would normally have thought, im used to seeing such things walking over a range, but, this area is neither marked as a range on my maps, or by signs/flags, nor did we see any other evidence of such use.

    To add to the mystery, these cases are marked CBC 08 1, i identify them as being Brazilian and made four years back. I would have expected anything used by our forces to be RG stuff

    Who would be firing belt fed Brazilian blanks in a forest in Scotland, outside a range, and why?

    just curious, thats all
  2. I'd weight them in for scrap & stop stressing about pointless shite mate.
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  3. Or a more sensible answer, Brazilian non-range using forest hunters?
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  4. :giggle:

    wasnt worth the effort, only a couple dozen, besides the missus wouldnt let me grab more than a handful for the lads souveniers

    surely the brazilians have got their own forrests to chuck lead about in? not much good for hunting either blanks, tend to just scare the stag off

    Its more the links that puzzled me, somehow i cant imaging it having been Lord Croker hunting tigers
  5. 307

    307 War Hero

    I believe we bought some Brazillian .5 ammo a few years back, but it was crap. Maybe they bought some other natures too.
  6. Yeah the link's a bit of a puzzle, I suppose all you can do is hand them to the rozzers with a grid reference.
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  7. Do the Argentines get their ammo from Brazil? If they're using a Scottish forest for acclimatisation training for Ascension, they're in for a shock.
  8. It was Buzo Tactico rehearsing their invasion of Scotland, aka Las Mariposas
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  9. I once found some perfect Lee Enfield .303 ammo in a pile of boulders up a mountain valley in Wales (Near Cadair Idris).

    The Farmer said "during the War", soldiers used his hills for training, obviously some soldiers couldn't be arsed to carry them back down off the hill and 40 years later me and my old man found a couple of handfulls of them. Some were corroded but others were pristine considering they had laid out there for so long.

    Some years later after my old man had gone, I found a box of them with the bullet heads removed (not blanks) I foolishly sawed the tip off an arrow and inserted it into the neck of the case, next to the primer i cut the pin off a drawing pin down to about 1mm and cellotaped the 1mm stub of the pin onto the primer).

    I then fired the arrow with my longbow at the garage door. Lovely bang and I heard the brass case drop in a neighbours yard somewhere.

    Some years later I thought to myself, what if it had launched the arrow right back at me, i could have been a Darwin Award! Also, what if I found a bullet case in my back yard, i'd be straight onto the old bill!

    Absolutely nothing to do with your story, but I thought I would reminis, ahhh good times...
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  10. An old mate of my dad grew up on a farm near an airfield in outback NSW during WW2. He and his mates found a live round and decided to fire it by putting it in the wire hole of a wood fence post and hitting it with a hammer. Unbeknown to them the round was a tracer, cue one burned down wheat field and subsequent bloody good hiding.
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  11. May have been airsofters moving on to the blank scene !
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  12. Nah, it was the famous Argentinian commando - El Poseur Ubiquitas!

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  13. It was undoubtedly a PIRA Al Qaeda cell carrying out a live firing exercise.

    I'd agree with guzzijohn - tell the OB.
  14. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Very similar happened to me, bizarrely 57 years ago to the day.

    I was bimbling around a town called Horoshima with David Niven and the rest of the cast from Bridge over the River Kwai (Now you know why I didnt cry when Mr Miyagi died) when we happened accross a small box in the middle of the street.

    I gave it a small boot and before I knew it I'd slotted 150,000 nips and subjected generations to come to cancers and tumours.

    I didn't want to admit it so invented a story about a B-29 and comissioned Orchestral manouvres in the dark to right a song about it and stitch up the yanks with it.
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  15. Don't be such a billy bullshitter, EVERYBODY cried when Mr Miyagi died. Just like when Sandy bought it.