7.62mm Ammo Backpack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JoeCivvie, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Custom Mk48 7.62mm machine gun ammo backpack, named “Ironman” a game changer on battlefield.

     Posted by Tactical-Life. Author Archive »
    Someone mentioned actor Jesse Ventura in the movie “Predator.” His character brandished an M-134 Mini-gun fed by an ammo box on his back. After the Soldiers had a good laugh over that thought, Staff Sgt. Vincent Winkowski asked why a gunner couldn’t carry a combat load of ammo. He decided to pursue the idea.
    “When we first arrived in theater in late October (2010), we were issued the Mk 48 7.62 mm machine guns,” Winkowski said. “This was a new piece of equipment for us, and we struggled to come up with a solution for carrying and employing ammunition for it due to our small size and the inability to have a designated ammo bearer, as is common doctrine with the M240B.
    “The ammunition sacks that came with it made it too cumbersome and heavy to carry over long, dismounted patrols and especially when climbing mountains. Initially, we came up with using 50-round belts and just reloading constantly, which led to lulls of fire and inefficiency.”
    So Winkowski grabbed an old ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) frame, welded two ammunition cans together — one atop the other after cutting the bottom out of the top can — and strapped the fused cans to the frame. To that he added a MOLLE (modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment) pouch to carry other equipment.

    Tactical Life Custom Mk48 7.62mm machine gun ammo backpack, named “Ironman” a game changer on battlefield.
  2. Top bodging!
  3. My knees ache just looking at the ******* thing!
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  4. But you'd wear it just to blatt off 500 odd rounds in a oner!!!
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  5. It's worth the weight!

  6. I wouldn't have minded having one of those in BATUS rather than constantly breaking down 6-800 link into bits of 50 in a NI daysack.
  7. I suppose it's a hell of a lot better than carrying 400 rds of link down the front of my smock like t' good old days ;-) I shudder to think how my old knees would react to a tab with a gimpy now...
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  8. Good stuff.

    Im sure there was a thread a while back where one poster had come up with a similar system
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  9. So who will be the first Regiment swapsies for one?

    And which Regiment first to be issued one?

    (Personally the S10 resi pouch works pretty well!)
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    SEALs were using something very similar for the M60 in Vietnam. Nothing new here.
  11. The old Armalite promo film for the AR10 had a belt fed version with a backpack belt carrying system. YouTube is your friend. Mid 1950s that would be.
  12. Looks like you'll have lots of stoppages, besides that how are you going to carry the rest of your kit?
  13. The link suggests (I think) that the gunner gets to carry a whole 17lbs of kit for himself! Put in a couple of litres of water for him, and I think he's reduced to a spare set of grollies!

    But the no2 could carry some of his kit in lieu of the ammo he is now not carrying?

    Re stopages, I thought about that, but in terms of belt length it is actually not pulling 500 rounds (for a full load), it is only pulling (at most) a belt from the gun to the bottom of the pack...

    Rough guess 150 rds of link?
  14. Also less chance of the links getting dirty and dusty.
  15. I'd imagine it should work out ok, it doesn't seem much different than the Spartan GPMG box feed.