7.62 open top mag pouches

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rtr, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    The osprey pouch issue only contains 1 sharpshooter pouch. And it's the naff Velcro kind.
    Dose anyone know where I could find the open top kind. Hopefully something like in the picture below


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  2. Try omahtactical!
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  3. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

  4. He wants 7.62 not 5.56
  5. Stupid question I suppose, and I expect that I'll get jumped upon for it, but why the **** is the issue kit not good enough?
    Other than cosmetic reasons.
  6. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

    There is nothing wrong with the one that is issued. But It's is down to personal preference. The issues pouches are bulky because of the way the mags are placed in. The one I'm after has a lower profile and there for I find easier. It is issued for the 5.56 mags but not for the 7.62 mags
    As they say, anyone can ruff it.

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  7. Sharpshooter pouch with the Osprey not ideal? Being closed top, it stops most dust and things getting in.
  8. Don't we all?
  9. https://www.uspalm.com/products/soft-goods/soft-goods/uspalmdoublepouch.html

    US Palm specialise in AK Stuff - Picatinny Rails, Polymer Inserts and the like but the above will probably suit the straight mags of the Lewis Machine L129A1 as well as AK Banana mags.

    I will warn you that their view on postage costs is "eccentric" to say the least. You'll be paying a lot for delivery unless you have a nice American friend who can accept the order domestically, and then put it on a ship rather than getting the parcel its own seat in First Class.
  10. FFS. Dont mention the SLR

    ah ****
  11. Rtr

    Rtr Swinger

  12. Borris dose quality stuff, here is his 7.62 open mag pouches

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