7.62 MM - The Truth is out there...

He's walting it, big style. Why pretend to be in the army when you're not?! Fool. If he was serious about joining, then maybe he should have been open from the start. On the point of Para/Commando thread, it was a classic example of Walting. Blatant lack of any military knowledge! He didn't seem to know the Marines were Navy!

I've been open about my status as non-forces, joining soonish, as can be seen over in the int cell under questions: http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=41237.html

No shame. Can put my opinions in here, ask advice, etc. But really, walting like this bloke is stupid, and doing it as poorly as this fool is just ridiculous.

/Rant end.


He is just a cnut.......

Ashame we don't have an "execute him" medal block!
He's quite obviously a forgetful idiot. He PM'd me wanting to know some info about Nottingham Tp, he admitted that he wasnt in the Army but his friend was posted there soon.
dingerr said:
He's quite obviously a forgetful idiot.
How does one forget that one is not in the Army?
I mean he's bullshitting so much he's forgetting what he's telling people.
Clearly the mods don't agree. Oh well, maybe he'll say something anti-semetic and get O2T that way.


War Hero
Hellfyyr you're like a terrier with him. You just won't let him go. Well done sir! He is a waste of rations.

Wonder what his next itteration will be?

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