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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by JJ4456, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Have just done some live firing with the GPMG in the SF role. All of the 7.62 link came in an H83 box containing 2 belts of 200 rounds. This is compared to the old smaller box; forget the designation, with one belt of 200 rounds. Why has this been changed? Is it the intention to have all small arms ammunition in a H83 container! I have heard it’s because it is easier to transport in freight!!

    Over the course of the exercise a few issues came too light

    1) In the old boxes the link was packed in such a way as to have 2 tails sticking out of the box enabling boxes to be daisy chained together. This is not now the case with one tail packed at the bottom, meaning the belt has to be taken out fully and repacked to be linked together. Pain in the ARRSE. :x
    2) The 2 belts are arranged so that they are percussion cap to percussion cap side by side. i.e. one belt is completely the wrong way round. Again it has to be unpacked and repacked to get too the bottom tail, which just so happens to be the end that feeds into the gun or links onto another belt. Pain in the ARRSE :x
    3) The two ends of the belt now have a blank link attached, i.e. cannot be joined together unless you either 1) remove one of the links or 2) feed in a spare round. Pain in the ARRSE :x
    4) The old packaging came with a very handy piece of wood, ideal for making a target indication sheet. i.e. one that could be left on the ground for ease of access and wouldn’t blow away in the wind. Pain in the ARRSE :x
    5) How would this box fit with all the vehicle mounted gpmg’s? Presumably all the brackets for holding the old ammo boxes would need to be changed. Pain in the ARRSE :x
    6) With all the boxes now being the same size, means you have to read what’s on the box as to what is in it. Easy to get mixed up with 5.56 when in a hurry. A bit like the European ruling that all the fire extinguishers had to be red, what a load of bollox. Pain in the ARRSE :x

    If using H83 boxes for 7.62 link is a permanent move has anyone actually thought about how it can be used in an efficient manner. It may well be more suitable for packing but surely the overwhelming factor should be the ease of use at the sharp end. :x Rant over :D
  2. This looks like a typical liarbour cost saving measure to me!!!

  3. Wrong, the overwhelming factor is that some Nu Labour tosser makes more money by packing them in the new way.
  4. Surely if they linked the 2 belts together it wouldnt have been such a drama ,but sounds yeah it sounds bollocks at least you have guns to play with . :cry: weapons which dont take ages to clean and daysacs you can lift
    without pain its wrong :twisted: .
  5. I seem to remember it was/is the H84 and came in carriers of four boxes of 200 rds? which took up the same amount of space as two H83's

    Edited to change H82 to H84 <
  6. Cleaning them :cry: :x , have tried everything to speed it up. Currently using a combination of a jet wash for the body and a small steam cleaner that appears to soften/dissolves the carbon, particularly useful on the barrels and gas parts!

    Still love em though :D
  7. the last 2 live firing weekends,i 've been on all our boxes cames with 2x belts of 250rds, not 200rds, which is going to cause more ballache, as barrel changes, and ammo state revolve around the 200 rd belt,
  8. Never saw the 2x200 box you mentioned but remember well the 4x 200 liners. Can quite believe we manpacked a liner each Gunner/ Controller ,plus all the ususal SF kit. A ball breaker, but truly excellent kit to work with.

    Sound like you would need to strip out the 2 x200 boxes for a tactical move unless you have a tardis for a daysack.

    Happy days. PP :D
  9. pp, in my time with the guns we've always stripped out the boxes/liners for any kind of ex,
  10. Yep we mostly did the same. Although I do recall a hysterical moment when the Plt Cdr insisted on us Tabbing into the gun line ( light role )with the Ammo in the boxes.

    One of the other Guns teams with an inexperienced sprog for a gunner had grabbed the vehicle breakdown kit kept in an old ammo tin painted dark Blue by mistake. ( back of a Rover in the dark I guess I could have made the same mistake :p ) manpacked same all over the Ulu. I can still hear the laughter now as the Gun controller was tw@tting him with the wheelbrace. :D
  11. For cleaning carbon off have a go at using 'red eds'. google it for exact mix but basically its a combination of kero, ATF (automatic transmittion fluid), denatured spirits and turps. Pretty damn good on the carbon and not as damaging as some of the other 'unofficial' cleaners that use things like phosphoric acid.

    I own some pretty expensive rifles and have been using it for years for carbon fouling without any problems.
  12. Anyone else done the old CFT with the full SF kit? Remember many years ago running with the tripod on my shoulders, with the gun mounted on tripod. With a little preperation it worked great: long leg below the low mount mark, the other two legs also above the high mount mark (adjust to suit), sandbags around the tops of the legs (including the locking levers) gun mounted and then reversed so that it pointed down the long leg. Actually made carrying quite comfortable. C2 sight and spare barrels carried by No2 or passed around if ammo was also carried.

    A hell of a lot easier to hump that the concrete filled 84mm rounds. :D
  13. 7.62mm Lnk should not come in a H83. Sounds like your ammo storeman has re-boxed it incorrectly.

    And your right about the way it should be packed - so that it feeds out the container correctly, however this is impossible to do without the right equipment.

    As for having to read the boxes to see whats in it - do you not see the stupidity of you comment?
  14. Just change barrels after 250 rounds and ammo states should be in minutes rapid anyway. It's not a big problem!

  15. Ammunition on the back of a landrover, H83 boxes of 5.56 ball and 7.62 link. Boxes exactly the same except for writing on the side. Old boxes easily identified as different size.

    They haven't been repacked, complete with wire seal!!