7.62 link, L96 and green spot...

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I've just done PRT at Lydd for 1 RGR, live fire package. All the usual small arms where used, and the Gurkhas had some L96s with them.

    We had no green spot, so they asked if they could de-link some of the 7.62 and use that.

    The RCO decided against that, saying that green spot was not the same as mere link.

    I'd always thought ( = having been told ) that green spot was not actually specially made, just the highest toleranced rounds from a batch.

    Whats the story?

    Is it specially made, is it early batch and if so, why can't it be used in L96? If the Bad Guys where in range, I'd fully expect link to be broken up and used if the L96 had no green spot...

  2. I don't know the full answer to your question re green spot, it is better quality. But I can see no reason why standard 7.62 ammo can't be used, it won't give the same accuracy though.

    I'll try and find out for you.
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  3. Thanks Bugly.

    Goes without saying that the Gurkhas where VERY impressive...
  4. Green Spot is of higher quality overall ( supposedly) but has a different and heavier projectile than bog standard link.
  5. On my snipers course (89) we were told that each green spot round has exactly the same number of grains in it which means there can be no chance of variation in muzzle velocity and therefore no variation in the trajectory of the shot.
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  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Green spot ammo is the same as standard ball ammo, but only to a degree. The Green Spot stuff is indeed weighed and balanced, and I think it may also have more accelerant, but don't quote me on the last bit. The main aspect is that the amount of variation round to round is as little as they can manage. It is still a long way from match ammo, as this has to be checked and weighed by girls wearing only grass skirts, sat around a large table with magnifying glasses the size of their faces who also polish the head between their thighs (fner fner).

    Met a walt in my local gun shop who said he was ex-forces sniper and who swore blind that the ammo used was actually 'black' spot.

    Got into a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of the art and he had to start finding reasons to be elsewhere. Much fun was had.
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  7. Green spot ammunition is no longer produced for the military. It is not deemed necessary. 7.62 Ammunition is available in Ctn for use in the L96.

    It is illegal to de-link Ball, 4B1T or 1B1T Linked ammunition to use in the Sniper rifle. It is considered tampering with ammunition.

    If a unit has the L96 it will have the scaling to demand 7.62 Ctn. (Ball and Blank).
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  8. ...in that case so is opening the H83!
  9. YOU clearly shouldn't be allowed near ammunition. Shouting bang should be your limit.
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  10. I'm no ammo expert but what we've always been taught (and still teach) is that designated sniper ammo (ie. boxed and marked 'Sniper') is merely the first 500 from each batch which tests prove to be the most consistently made and have the most consistent results.
    It may and probably is a load of arrse but thats what we work off.
    As per delinking 7.62, it had to be done on telic 1 and occasionally we still have to.
    Still does the job over smaller ranges if your IW won't suffice.
  11. There was Black Spot ammo at one time, I've been out a while so whether there still is I wouldn't know.
  12. Green Spot used to be identical to issue 144gn ball, but made in controlled batches. It is quite common to find batches of ordinary issue ball that are just as accurate as Green Spot - eg some 1989 "Black Spot" is indeed very good.

    In the 1990s, target shooting & sniping went over to using a heavier 155gn bullet (for better residual velocity at long range). Link ammo for GPMG still uses the 144gn spec, since of course thats what the weapon sights are calibrated for. Since the service rifle is now 5.56mm, most of the boxed loose 7.62mm is now made in small quantities to the 155gn spec - ie its all considered "target" grade and hence the "Green Spot" distinction is no longer necessary (Bisley shooters would disagree - the output of RG seems to be highly variable these days...).

    The current ammo comes under a variety of different nomenclatures, but is usually L42A1 (confusingly, the same number as the old sniper rifle....). There is no real difference in swapping between 144 and 155 gn ammo, apart from the change in weapon zero. I imagine the fuss would be down to the HSE paranoia about using "unapproved" ammo in the wrong weapon.

    I stand to be corrected by the next ammo tech to come along!

  13. Odd......a PSI, and Sniper Instructor, was quiet happy to break link to use in a L96 on a range day with SF. Only fired to 600m but there were no dramas

    I'd struggle to describe breaking link as tampering with ammo. I've spent a fair few years breaking link, making link up, relinking belts. Now if I'd spent several hours pulling the head off a round and pouring in/out grains of powder, or chopping the head off, or doing a Brodie then I'd march myself off under arrest for tampering with ammo!
  14. Sorry i should have said stripping Lnk for use in the Sniper Rifle, its not approved. A subsequent breech explosion whould be attributed partially to using the incorrect ammo and thus the firer whould be in a whole world of hurt.
  15. Hmm Black Spot?

    I suspect that some people are getting confused with the markings on the ammunition container.

    Ball is indicated be a filled in circle on a service brown metal container this is yellow. On wood (which 7.62 carton used to come in) this was a black filled in circle or 'black spot'.