7-62 Banner AGAIN!

Hah! Beat you to it

Yes I know it's crap - and it's only for one day - but this is it! Start of the World Cup - Come on England!

(if you can't find it visit The Lamp and Sandbag - It's one of two)

After all you bugg..s got caught at work on Arrse with my last sound bite... and complained! I actually agreed to do this with the CO's. Unfortunately I had to do the flash myself - thus it being so crap... But anyway, I hope you were caught on Arrse again at work!!

And I hope we bloody well WIN!

Regards,- C
No, you silly twa t, he wants to suck A germanS sausage!
Luckily for me I have my computer speakers turned down so that I can only just hear when I get a message on MSN, so I didn't get caught out. Although I was slightly worried when I read the sausage sucking part of the banner.

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