7-62 Baner Again! Again!

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by BaldricksBullet, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Sorry!

    Couldn't help myself with the sound bite... At least if you get caught at work this time... you can blame it on the curry lunch!!!!

    - well you've got to have a laugh... haven't you?

    Regards,- C
  2. Would you please stop doing that, its bloody annoying. I was going to buy some cufflinks, but you can ram it until you stop producing bonk banner adds.
  3. Oh come on Boney... are you telling me you didn't laugh!

    It won't (as always) be on for long... can't be actually... got to get it off line before Zippo try and ram that flame back up my a....
  4. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I'm with Boney and no I didn't laugh.

    You don't need to be juvenile with your banner ads - from what I can see you're doing a great job with the products and the customer service. Now if you want the rest of us to buy from you as Boney said - lose the bloody stupid noises in the banners.
  5. I just can't understand why the arrse in the banner is following through...

    It is annoying, your products sell themselves... almost... stupid noises probably won't help your cause
  6. OK Fair doos,

    I'll knock the sound off when I get to my company PC at lunchtime... and then replace the whole lot with a new banner as soon as I can draw it.

    Hmmm... I obviously misjudged the audience...

    It is juvenile... true... and that made me have to take a critical look at myself... which I hate doing. I think I prefer to call the advert too juvenile as I can only conclude that juvenile isn't a bad thing... in fact... if I can stay juvenile until I die, then I'll be happy.

    Such a shame though... just imagine the effort I went to, sitting for hours on that bloody mp3 recorder and drinking lager... just to bring you the wettest sound I could manage.

    But honestly... I know what you mean... sounds on the PC are annoying... won't do it again.

    Regards,- C
  7. Well I for one liked your new banner, especially the wet farting noise :D
    Although noisy banners wouldn’t go down too well at work which is why my work PC always has the speakers turned off.

    I’m not so fond of your usual banner, it looks dull and the thumping noise it made was just annoying.

    More farting potatoheads for your next banner please :D :D :D
  8. Thanks for the feedback GOKU.... looks like I'm going to have to do a 'Shiny Happy People*' job. Unfortunately my graphics-mate has been up to his armpits doing World Cup banners for Unibet... So I've been left to do whatever I can with whatever programming bluff I can muster. This next one therefore, might end up looking like a multi-coloured yawn - wait out!

    *REM were told that their music was too depressing and so they wrote Shiny Happy People as a joke - it went straight to No1 and made them eternally famous.
  9. [flash width=400 height=35]http://www.7-62.com/arrsebannerzippo.swf[/flash]

    Just about to remove the sound on the banner... so I've left this as a permenant reminder of the sound I pushed so hard to get!

    (Sorry, boney_m, can't help it.... it may be childish but it still makes me laugh)
  10. Love it :D

    You’re going to need something more childish for the next one.
    How about Mr Potatohead lighting a fag with a Zippo and then acidently setting himself on fire?
  11. Christ, even Ling wasn't this bad.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Still getting the bollox coming thro!
  13. That banner could make for a very annoying signature block :D
  14. Sheeeet... If only I were as good as Ling... she's sitting on a multi-million quid buisiness and I'm a sad fcuk sat in a cellar with an engraving machine...

    (and when I'm allowed... I sit with a smile too. :D - life's too short not to.)